Supergirl Joins "Justice League 3001," and More From DC in July 2015

DC Comics has released solicitation text and cover images for its July 2015 lineup, the second month of its post-"Convergence" direction with the stated goal of a more eclectic and diverse slate of books.

As usual, most of the major new material in the solicitations -- such as the new "Cyborg" series and the "Teen Titans Go!" variant covers -- have already been revealed, but DC's July 2015 solicitations still included a number of intriguing revelations.

  • Supergirl looks likely to be getting her own TV series on CBS, but the character doesn't yet have a new solo series, with the last one ending pre-"Convergence." Yet the character will be showing up in July's "Justice League 3001" #2, with the solicitation text pre-responding to any skeptics: "Trust us... it's actually pretty cool."
  • Though "Convergence" will have been wrapped by more than a month when "Justice League United" #11 debuts from the new creative team of writer Jeff Parker and artist Travel Foreman, it looks like the consequences may still be felt, along with what appears to be a shift of direction for the series. As the solicitation text reads: "The Convergence is over! Now, Alanna Strange, Stargirl and Equinox must assemble brand-new and wildly untraditional teams of heroes and villains to work together and stop another cosmic catastrophe before it happens."
  • Direct-to-home release "Justice League: Gods and Monsters" -- executive produced by Bruce Timm in his return to DC's animated features -- is scheduled for release in July, and DC's publishing side has plenty of tie-ins planned. "Justice League: Gods and Monsters - Batman" and "Justice League: Gods and Monsters - Superman" one-shots are both solicited for July (co-written by Timm and comics and animation veteran J.M. DeMatteis), plus three action figures, advance solicited for release in September.
  • DC Comics has once again mentioned the apparent death of Kyle Rayner in "Omega Men," before the series has even started. Here's the solicitation text for July's issue #2: "What do you do after the entire galaxy watches you murder the White Lantern Kyle Rayner? Run."
  • The post-"Convergence" Superman status quo, told in a story arc titled "TRUTH," has been thus far concealed as to what exactly it's all about -- though the solicitation for July's "Superman" #42 implies that whatever it is, it may be Lois Lane's fault. "Has Lois Lane betrayed Superman with the truth?"
  • First introduced in the '90s "Superman" animated series, Livewire has been mostly missing in action in the post-"Flashpoint" DC Universe. That's set to change in July with "Batgirl" #42. Also in July, Barbara Gordon is paired with "Birds of Prey" teammate Helena Bertinelli in "Batgirl Annual" #3.
  • Another villain first seen in a DC animated series makes her way to comics in July 2015: Inque, from the "Batman Beyond" cartoon, comes to comic books with "Batman Beyond" #2.
  • Speaking of characters originally introduced in animation, a "Batman '66" version of Harley Quinn -- called The Harlequin -- will guest star in "Batman '66" #25.
  • A new video game-based six-issue miniseries debuts in July from the creative team of Peter J. Tomasi and Alisson Borges, "Batman: Arkham Knight - Genesis."
  • "Secret Six" #4, originally solicited for release in March, has been resolicited for July 15.

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