Supergirl Is the Common Thread in "Flash," "Arrow" & "Legends Of Tomorrow" Crossover

While speaking at length about "DC's Legends of Tomorrow" at Comic-Con International in San Diego, Marc Guggenheim revealed some interesting tidbits about the The CW's upcoming four show mega-event involving all of its DC Comics-based series.

Stopping short of calling it a full-on Supergirl crossover, Guggenheim confirmed the Girl of Steel will be stopping by all three of CW's other DC shows. "It's an external threat from outside the shows that will involve Supergirl coming over to "The Flash," then "Arrow" then "Legends of Tomorrow." What that threat might be, Guggenheim did not disclose.

As for what's on tap for Season 2 of "Legends," executive producer Phil Klemmer got a bit more specific. "We will be doing these iconic historical moments with recognizable historical figures," he said. "To me, we had little things like H.G. Wells and we had a little shoutout to Bill Gates at a certain point. Season two, you're going to see the icons of the 20th century. You're going to have those versions of the Forrest Gump kind of moments with our guys trying to fix history but at the same time getting to play a part in these recognizable eras."

You can expect plenty of the Justice Society of America in Season 2, as well. Introduced in the spring finale, there's a season-long story arc planned for the JSA. "It's all going to kick off with an epic battle between the Justice Society and the Legends," Guggenheim said. "It's required that every time there's more than one superhero in any place at any given time, they have to fight. We're honoring that rule and that tradition straight out of the gate."

"Supergirl" joins "The Flash," "DC's Legends of Tomorrow" and "Arrow" on The CW this October.

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