Supergirl Introduces E.T. to LEGO Dimensions in New Video

At last! The superhero team-up fans have been clamoring for is here, brought to you in glorious LEGO form as Supergirl introduces E.T. to "LEGO Dimensions" in a new "Meet That Hero" video.

In this short, Supergirl flies in to introduce E.T. to the LEGO Dimensions multiverse. She points out the common elements in their backstories: they're both aliens, they were both adopted by human families, both know how to conceal their real identities, both have superpowers and both are in the business of helping people. E.T. expresses his gratitude by growing a "Kryptonian Singing Flower" for Supergirl, just before the Doctor of "Doctor Who" stops by to join their alien club.

LEGO Dimensions is known for unlikely pairings; the last "Meet That Hero" video saw "Adventure Time's" Lumpy Space Princess introducing B.A. Baracus and the A-Team.

Supergirl is coming to LEGO Dimensions later in September as part of the PlayStation 4 Starter Pack, though she will also be made available through "Hire-a-Hero" in-game feature at a later date. E.T. will be available November 18.

Future packs will also feature favorites from "Harry Potter," "Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them" and "Gremlins," along with more characters from "Adventure Time."

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