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Supergirl Fights Wonder Woman in Injustice 2 Gameplay Video

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Supergirl Fights Wonder Woman in Injustice 2 Gameplay Video

Among the first characters announced for “Injustice 2,” Supergirl has been seen in a number of videos and trailers, showing off her fighting style. The latest video from NetherRealm Studios takes a deeper look at Supergirl’s moveset, and outlines the sort of strategy players can hope to master.

As explained in the video, Supergirl has many talents and is a master at none of them. She’s fairly strong, although perhaps not as strong as her cousin Superman. She’s fast, not quite at Barry Allen levels, but faster than the Man of Steel. Best of all, she’s extremely mobile, making the most of her Kryptonian ability of flight.

Players of the first “Injustice” game will remember that every character had a designated button that was mapped to a permanent special move. Batman could summon bat-drones, Doomsday could coat himself in rocky armor, Nightwing and Wonder Woman could toggle their different fighting styles, and Harley Quinn would make out with a photo of Mr. J (it restored her health). This special button is making a comeback in “Injustice 2,” and Supergirl is being given a move that seems obvious in its combat utility. Her special is simply a Kryptonian heat vision blast. She can fire lasers from all sorts of angles, including the air, which complements her mobility nicely. Better yet, she has an overpowered move that has her walking forward and unleashing the full might of her heat vision. She’s animated to look a lot like Melissa Benoist pulling the same move on the “Supergirl” TV show.

Finally there’s her super move, Asteroid Shower. If you are familiar with super moves from the original “Injustice,” you’ll know these are over-the-top in a way only superheroes can be. Kara Zor-El takes her opponent on a trip to the Sun, and after helping them get the world’s worst suntan, she blasts them back to Earth with her heat vision, sending a couple of asteroids with them. It all ends rather explosively, ranking with the best of the “Injustice” super moves, at least in terms of pure overkill.

“Injustice 2” already features an exciting roster of characters, and there will doubtlessly be a lot more announced before the game’s 2017 release for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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