Supergirl's Eve Teschmacher Is Ready to Fight the Girl of Steel

Supergirl's Eve Teschmacher wears many different hats: CatCo journalist, research assistant, concerned cousin -- and Lex Luthor minion. In a major heel turn, Eve betrayed Lena for Season 4 antagonist Lex Luthor. Since she revealed she has been working for Lex all along, she has shot James, threatened Lena with violence and helped orchestrate a massacre at the White House. Now, as The CW series moves into its final three episodes of the season, she promises to wreak more havoc when Lena and Kara Danvers arrive in Kaznia to investigate Lex's connection to the secret military base where Red Daughter was born.

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Speaking to CBR, Eve Teschmacher actor Andrea Brooks teased her character's role in Lex Luthor's plans. She shared her reaction to that major twist, how Superman star Valerie Perrine's version of the character inspired her and her favorite moment from next week's episode. She also revealed Eve's upcoming confrontation with Lena, how she gets in on the action, why she is a little jealous of Red Daughter, what draws her to Lex and more.

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CBR: You've been on the show for three seasons now. Did you see that twist coming?

Brooks: Oh, the big twist! You're right -- I mean, it's quite a deception. I can say that, as a fan of the original Superman movies and a fan of Valerie Perrine, who played the original Teschmacher in those movies, I've always been hyper aware of who this character is and what she's capable of. So it's something that I've always toyed with, but never did I expect that the deception that we've seen this season would be so great and so fulfilling... Yes, I had an idea, but it's just kind of great to see that idea realized.

How did you find out about it?

Fortunately, I was prepared! So Robert [Rovner] and Jessica [Queller] are awesome showrunners and [they] had a meeting with me and they were really excited to reveal this news, so I did find out this season, but that would have been quite a funny plot twist to just read in a script one day. I kind of think that would have been funny! [laughs] But no, I was aware.

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Your Eve Teschmacher is much different than the one that appears in Superman the Movie. Tell me a little about how you developed the character and gave her that unique voice.

I definitely wanted to make sure that I paid homage to Teschmacher. I think that you've seen a lot of kind of ditzy, funny behavior from Eve and I love that she has this lighthearted spirit. But of course, this is a 21st century Eve, and she's a strong, independent female character who is educated and she is self-assured, despite maybe seeming flaky on the surface, but I always describe Eve as a little bit of an onion: you never really know what you're gonna get. She's very layered. There is a lot of backstory there and a lot to uncover. So I wanted to make sure that she was both complex, interesting, educated and strong, but I did also want her to be fun at the same time, in the same vein as the character that Valerie Perrine created back in the 70s.

Eve, of course, has played accomplice to Lex all along, but does she have any plans of her own?

I think it's fair to say that she is strong-willed and she does have a mind of her own. By no means is Eve sociopathic in nature. She truly does have a heart, as I think we've seen with the cousin who's suffering from cancer. She does have a heart. She does have a will. I think, as this season kind of pushes on towards the finale, we might see a little bit more of that.

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In your own words, what is it about Lex that draws Eve to him?

Well, I can say when I was preparing for these episodes with Lex Luthor, I listened to a lot of Lana Del Rey, I listened to a lot of Billie Eilish to kind of get myself in the zone to portray Eve in some of these bigger episodes. I think she's attracted to the power, and I think she's attracted to his mind. I think, to Eve, Lex holds a lot of answers. He might be a little off-kilter and he might not always go about things in the best way, but she sees him as the mind of a generation and she has doubled down on her belief for him.

Over the past few seasons, Eve spent a lot of time with Lena. What does their dynamic look like moving forward?

There is a lot to be explored on that subject in this week's episode, episode 4.20 ["Will The Real Miss Teschmacher Please Stand Up?"]. In some of the publicity shots, you can see there is a confrontation that is about to take place, a confrontation that I think is deserved at this point because it was, as you mentioned, quite a betrayal... I don't think Eve sees Lena as an enemy. I think, deep down, she understands Lena and probably still has love and admiration for her, but it's just a matter of sorting out this betrayal and coming to terms with the new reality.

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Who's a better boss: Lex or Lena?

[laughs] I think if it comes down to who is a more understanding boss, absolutely Lena, who is always compassionate, understanding and an excellent teammate. Lex isn't always the kindest person when it comes to his dealings with Eve. So, despite it all, personally as Andrea, I think I would have to say Lena is the better boss.

We got to see a bit of her history in the episode "House of L." Do we get to learn any more about that before the end of the season?

Yes. Yes. I'm fortunate enough to be in the remaining episodes this season, so you will get some more glimpses into Eve's past and where she's coming from.

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Eve made a really decisive action when she shot James. Will we see more of that in the last few episodes?

I can say, when it comes to Eve's weaponry skills, there is more. There is more to come. [laughs] I was actually really excited for some of these episodes, because I took myself to the gun range for the first time because I wanted to make sure that I did these scenes justice. So I shot all different types of guns at this point, and there is more to come.

Lena and Eve will have a confrontation. Can the same be said for Eve and James?

I don't know if I can answer that question! To be determined. [laughs]

How does she view Supergirl and Red Daughter?

Eve is definitely one of the few -- if only -- characters who interacted with both Red Daughter and Supergirl, if I'm not mistaken. I mean, obviously, they're different characters, so they're going to be approached as completely different people, which they are. I think, at this point, with Red Daughter, Eve is a little fed up. It goes without saying: Lex is very intrigued by Red Daughter. He pays a lot of attention to her in a way that Eve is not paid attention to. So I don't know if I'd go as far as to say there is jealousy there, but there is recognition of the fact that Eve does not hold that same position in Lex's heart and in Lex's mind. So maybe a little bit of friction between Red Daughter and Eve.

When it comes to Supergirl, at this point, Eve's alliance is with Lex and Lex feels a certain type of way about Supergirl and Eve is standing right there beside him.

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What does she think of the Children of Liberty?

At this point, Eve is fully trusting of Lex's master plan. He plays this like a chess match, and she has doubled down on her trust and loyalty to him. I think she would think that this plan is just as brilliant as Lex himself thinks it is.

Can you tease your favorite scene or moment from the next few episodes?

Yes! My favorite is a scene is a sequence that we shot for [season] 4 [episode] 20 and it has already been teased in the promo from last week and it involves the cloning. I recently posted on my Instagram a video of me getting my head cast done, which was quite horrifying, actually -- two hours of sitting in silicone, not the most fun! But there is going to be quite a number of multiples of Eve in this episode, and it was just so fun to play so many versions of the same character. So that's coming up and I can't wait to see the reactions.

Airing Sundays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on The CW, Supergirl stars Melissa Benoist as Kara Danvers, David Harewood as Martian Manhunter, Mehcad Brooks as Jimmy Olsen and Chyler Leigh as Alex Danvers.

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