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Supergirl EP Talks Superman, Mon-El & That Musical Episode

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Supergirl EP Talks Superman, Mon-El & That Musical Episode

When “Supergirl’s” second season debuts, Kara Danvers’ world gets turned upside down – in the best possible ways, of course.

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To begin with, the series is shifting networks and relocating to The CW from CBS, a move that opens up endless crossover possibilities with “Arrow,” “The Flash” and “Legends of Tomorrow.” The other epic development revolves around the full introduction of Superman, played by “Teen Wolf” alum Tyler Hoechlin, into the “Supergirl” universe. And according to Executive Producer Ali Adler, that’s just scratching the surface of the creative team’s plans for the Girl of Steel.

CBR News: From the trailer, “Supergirl’s” tone appears lighter for the season. Was that a conscious decision?

Ali Adler: I don’t know. I think what happened on CBS – and we are so grateful they debuted us so beautifully and gave us the opportunity to be seen by so many – is that over the course of the season, we really figured out what we wanted to be as a series. That obviously happens a lot. We were able to drill down on the stuff that was working. On the CW, we really fit in amongst the people around. There’s incredible series like “The Flash,” “Arrow” and “Legends.” We really got to be more of who we wanted to be. If CBS gave us a chance to fly, the CW lets us do tricks in the air. I think we really found a beautiful home.

Last season, we only got a glimpse of Superman here, or a mention of him there. Why is now the time to bring him front and center?

Last season, it was very much about Supergirl. It’s her show and her point of view. We wanted her to be the one who saved the world. So, I think it was absolutely time that we got to tell the story of her super cousin. It’s like if you had a famous rock star cousin. We would absolutely have to tell the story of you going to the concert, or the concert coming to you. We needed to tell Superman’s story, and we are so thrilled to tell it with Tyler Hoechlin in the role. He’s absolutely amazing. It’s so amazing to add him to the lexicon of talented Supermen before him.

Season One focused on Kara finding her voice and becoming comfortable in her role as Supergirl. What’s her arc this year?

I would say the arc for her and the people around Kara is, if last season was about becoming powerful, this season is about those around her taking Supergirl as an example and being inspired by her. For Kara, it’s becoming powerful herself.

What is your take on Mon-El, and how does he impact Kara’s life?

What was really cool about Mon-El was we never got to see Kara Zor-El land on Earth and see that fish-out-of-water element and experiencing new things for the first time and get to see what the Earth felt like as a new alien. What’s exciting for Kara is she now gets to guide Mon-El through the world. It’s really fresh eyes and fish out of water. She finally gets to be the voice of experience, and it’s really wonderful to watch.

How does Mon-El adapt to being on Earth?

I can’t speak for the whole season. I don’t think he easily takes to it, and that’s his arc.

Supergirl already has Martian Manhunter. What was interesting about bringing Miss Martian into the fold?


Any time we get to dip into the DC world of heroes is incredible. I think the theme this season – and I won’t speak to Miss Martian in particular, because I want viewers to see that adventure unfold – is really becoming powerful. J’onn, at the end of last season, came out. It was big international news. This whole season is all about the people around Kara becoming more powerful. J’onn and Miss Martian are some of those people.

Non was a formidable, but extremely personal adversary for Kara. What can you tease about this year’s big bad?

Any time we can make a bad person feel like they have an equal point of view, and that their thinking isn’t bent, is very exciting. As Lynda Carter comes in as our president and introduces this idea of the Alien Amnesty Act, it brings out a lot of people – or not people – who want to defend human rights on Earth. It mirrors so much of what is happening in the world today.

At one point last season, the big joke was having a “Flash/Supergirl” musical episode. How did that become a reality?

It’s hard to look around our set and see people like Grant Gustin or Melissa Benoist – both of whom I’ve worked with on “Glee” – and everybody has some musical talent that was absolutely shocking. Mehcad Brooks does, Tyler Hoechlin does and David Harewood does. Jeremy Jordan is certainly the toast of Broadway. It would be remiss of us not to use every ounce of these actors’ talent. The singing between scenes just became “What if we did?” That’s what we are and when dreams happen in the moment.

How challenging was it coming up with a storytelling device to facilitate that dream?

We can talk about it later on in the season, but it’s going to be very organic.

Besides Kara, can you talk about some of the new cast and what their roles are this season?

We’re so pleased Katie McGrath is with us as Lena Luthor. What’s been nice for that is Kara Danvers gets to have a friendship that unfolds in real-time. Having Ian Gomez as Snapper Carr has been great to find a new foil at CatCo, as Calista Flockhart sadly hasn’t been with us as much as we would love her to be. But, Ian’s taken over some of that tension in a tremendous way. Sharon Leal is amazing as Miss Martian. We’re also proud of bringing in Maggie Sawyer and that new relationship has been very exciting for us.

Will Kara and James Olsen’s romance continue to evolve?

Absolutely. We’ll get some answers pretty quickly where that relationship is going.

One of the show’s highlights was the episode “The Girl Who Has Everything.” Are you adapting any other particular comic book tales?

Yes, we’re absolutely discussing some memorable comic books. It’s all comic books. Let’s remember that. We owe all of this to the tremendous writers and artists and colorists before us. We’re just borrowing from their inspiration. So, that was a very specific one. Yes, we will be exploring iconic issues, but it’s all inspired by these tremendous artists before us.

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