Supergirl's New Costume Saves Her From Death - and DC's Greatest Villain

WARNING: The following article contains major spoilers for Supergirl #35, from Marc Andreyko, Eduardo Pansica, Julio Ferreira, FCO Plascencia and Tom Napolitano, on sale now.

Supergirl continues to be one of DC's biggest assets in the war against the shady terrorists, Leviathan. With her adoptive dad, ex-D.E.O. agent Jeremiah Danvers, returning to help her against the secret organization, Kara is looking for answers following a few tragedies in her life. Namely, she wants to know why Leviathan killed Jeremiah's wife, Eliza, and why other groups, such as Kobra, Checkmate and A.R.G.U.S.,  are all being taken off the board.

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In issue #35,  Supergirl gets a massive upgrade in the form of a new costume to aid her quest. It isn't just for aesthetic purposes, though, as this new look saves her from instant death, while allowing her to beat up Leviathan, who already proved capable of roughing up Superman.

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The issue opens up with Jeremiah saving Kara from Leviathan agents at a Pittsburgh morgue after she visits Eliza's body. She barely escapes their Kryptonite weapons and,  as she couldn't see through their lead-lined masks, it's obvious the group knows her weaknesses. Jeremiah warns her they need to leave the site, and he takes Eliza's mechanical arm away before it falls into the wrong hand, only for Leviathan to strike outside the facility.

One of the agents attacks Kara with a Kryptonite blade, but Supergirl surprises everyone with a nanotech suit that covers her a la Iron Man. As Jeremiah fights the agent, Leviathan himself approaches Kara. She quickly overcomes the Kryptonite net he has by switching to her black-and-red costume. It's a throwback to Kristin Wells in the '80s as Superwoman, and Lucy Lane in 2009 with the hoodie. Kara's rocking a hoodie here too and most importantly, the suit is impervious to Kryptonite, making Supergirl as fit for battle as she'll ever be.

Leviathan quickly teleports out with his agent, however, leaving Kara and Jeremiah wondering what just happened. We don't know when Kara got this tech, though, with fans speculating it could be a secret weapon Jor-El left her with. Then again, why doesn't Superman or his son, Jon, have it. We're also eager to know where she got it from, because she didn't use it in the morgue in the last issue. It doesn't seem Jeremiah slipped her an upgrade, so it seems Kara's hiding secrets.

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It's an intriguing switch and reminds fans of how the Supergirl show cast a new look, with Melissa Benoist's Kara now rocking an armored suit and pants! The TV series wants to move past the short skirt image, and it appears this comic wants to do the same too, although Kara reverts to her old costume, as she has to charge this tech-driven suit. Still, it's a breath of fresh air as the skirt has been played out, and this continues the visual evolution we've seen over the decades.

This new costume is about form and function, substance and style, and in so doing Supergirl finally has the means to fight off Leviathan, the Legion of Doom and hopefully, whatever else she has to content with in the DC Universe. Brainiac-1 has already strung up Kelex in the Fortress of Solitude, so Kara should be thankful for such a suit, as she knows other villains are gunning for her. And, with Lex Luthor's Legion atop the list, they could be for her coming sooner rather than later.

Supergirl #36 goes on sale Nov. 20.

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