"Supergirl" Cast, EP Promise A "More Vibrant" Show On The CW

"Supergirl's" flight from CBS to the CW was announced back in May, and now production is underway on the show's second season -- its first for its new network. But the jump from CBS to the CW places the show in closer proximity to the other DC superhero shows ("Arrow," "The Flash," "Legends of Tomorrow") and, as the cast revealed, it will have an effect on the feel of the show as well.

During a press event at Comic-Con International in San Diego, the "Supergirl" cast gave their take on their show's network switch and how the move will affect the season.

"I think it's the perfect move," said "Supergirl" lead Melissa Benoist. "It feels like we're in an amazing company. It feels like we're where we should have been all along."

Executive producer Sarah Schechter thanked CBS for "launching the show, and also for nurturing it and allowing us to do that first season and we're really proud of that."

With the change in networks also comes a change in demographic, though not necessarily in tone, explained Benoist. "Obviously I think we have a different demographic now and the first three scripts I've read already feel more vibrant and exciting and rich -- but I don't think the tone will change so much," said Benoist. "It's still the same characters and the same themes."

"Yeah, already with the scripts it feels younger," said Mehcad Brooks, who plays James Olsen. "It feels younger, it feels more vibrant. It's not a dig at CBS obviously, but they have -- it's like playing for the Patriots and then getting traded to the Giants. You have an opportunity to be a champion at either one, but they run different offenses. CBS, it's a more conservative demographic, it's an older demographic. We were kinda catering to that in a way that we didn't really know how, I think. And CBS, I'm not sure if we really fit into their wheelhouse. But like, the CW, it's perfect. The scripts already, it feels younger, it feels more like us."

One noticeable change brought about by the network switch, though, is the possible presence of more Martian Manhunter. David Harewood, who plays Hank Henshaw/Martian Manhunter, said his superhero side might get more screentime now that they're on the CW.

"I think maybe CBS -- I don't think it's their natural fit, and I think they were trying to do less of the alien superhero stuff, whereas on CW they want more of it," said Harewood.

Schechter echoed this statement, saying that the producers have a shorthand with the CW when it comes to this kind of thing. "We're really excited to make season two even better and we're on a network that we already have a shorthand with because we've done so many shows -- 'Arrow's' going into its fifth season," said Schechter. "So when you say 'metahuman' to someone at the CW, they know what you mean. I think it'll just be a lot of fun."

"Supergirl" debuts on the CW on Monday, October 10.

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