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Supergirl #56

by  in Comic Reviews Comment
Supergirl #56

In the review for the previous issue, I said I wasn’t sure where the fault lay for the Bizarro-speak not quite hitting me as it should. This issue completely answers it for me. Unfortunately for Supergirl and the Bizarros, that answer is soon removed from the story in a most surprising manner.

Supergirl takes Bizarrogirl back to Bizarro World and Gates steps up the stakes of the story, threatening Bizarro World and putting Supergirl in the way to halt the destruction. Supergirl and Bizarrogirl traverse the line from enemies into allies given the threat that faces them. Gates fills this Bizarro tale with humor, horror, and action. There’s plenty of comic book goodness here, from an otherworldly menacing threat to the origin of Bizarrogirl and even an appearance by a Bizarro version of Sterling Gates.

The coloring conundrum from last issue has been cleared, with Blond stepping in to color this comic in pure comic-colored wonderfulness. The colors here are solid, bold, and exciting, perfectly complimenting Igle’s artwork. Igle receives another compliment to his artwork in this issue in the form of Jon Sibal on inks. Igle’s work is solid and sturdy on its own, but Sibal’s inks really push the art upward, bordering on Perez-like perfection. This issue is, without a doubt, Igle’s high-water mark for the series to date. Igle plays with the page layout and panel flow quite a bit, making this issue even more visually engaging. Beyond technique and skill, however, Igle also plays up the fun of Bizarro World, including a fun visual when Bizarro #1 sparks an idea or Bizarrogirl loses another boot.

Like all new writers hoping to make a mark on a character, Gates expressed an interest in upgrading Supergirl’s rogues, supporting characters, and world. Awfully ambitious, to be certain, but damned if he hasn’t done just that. Bizarrogirl is the latest addition to the fabric of Supergirl’s book, and I am certain she is not the last.

Like a bird, or a plane, this title continues to ascend every month. Gates and Igle bring out the best in each other’s work and together they certainly are a solid duo. The two of them, combined with Sibal, Blond, and Lanham (on letters and super-cool Bizarro-speak balloons) make this book one of the best on the stands nowadays, and it only seems to be getting better. For fans needing a Super-fix each month, this title is sitting here, just waiting to impress.