Supergirl #54

Story by
Art by
Jon Sibal, Jamal Igle
Colors by
Jamie Grant
Letters by
Jared K. Fletcher
Cover by
DC Comics

Here's what I think I liked the most about the latest issue of "Supergirl": the fact that it is already moving forward from the last year's worth of "World Without a Superman" and "New Krypton" storylines. Sterling Gates did a good job with the line-wide change in direction, all things considered, but it's nice to see him take control of "Supergirl" once more and remind readers why his coming on board was a good thing for the title.

It's funny, too, because Gates is actually the only writer to have made it into the new directions for all the titles, but reading this issue of "Supergirl" makes it quickly clear why that's the case. Gates has just the right balance in his script; Supergirl's attempt last month to quit her super-powered identity isn't instantly forgotten, but at the same time it's not getting dragged out for six months. We have a situation that needs Supergirl, Kara is forced to realize that she can't throw away being a hero so rapidly, and then we start heading back into the heroics.

And now, with all of the crossovers over, Gates is starting to stake out his own territory. We've got a Bizarro Supergirl, the return (finally) of Cat Grant as Supergirl's nemesis, and even a role for Jimmy Olsen to play. It's nice to see a cast of characters getting built up again, and an interesting one at that. The Daily Planet staff can be interesting if played correctly, and Gates is showing a quick talent for making them a worthwhile addition to "Supergirl." Even something as simple as Bizarro Supergirl is a nice touch, and while Gates's addition to the Bizarro arsenal is a bit odd, it makes sense in a perverse sort of way.

Jamal Igle and Jon Sibal do their usual nice job on the art. He's able to draw curvy and cute without making Supergirl sleazy, and I love how Igle draws a character's emotions through facial expressions. From Bizarro Supergirl's look of panic, to the struggle on Kara's face when she receives the call for duty, he does a fine job. And while I know it may seem hard for many readers to believe, Jimmy Olsen on a motorcycle saving a child from an explosion? Pretty cool.

"Okay, I gotta admit, I missed this," Supergirl thinks to herself once she's back in the outfit. The feeling's mutual, here. Gates' run on "Supergirl" has been constantly put on hold for other crossovers and events, and it's a pleasure to see what appears to be his chance to finally go forward without interruptions. It's about time.

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