Supergirl #40

Story by
Art by
Jon Sibal, Jamal Igle
Colors by
Nei Ruffino
Letters by
Jared K. Fletcher
Cover by
DC Comics

Supergirl, now considered an illegal alien, is on Earth investigating the mystery of Superwoman. As we've previously learned, Superwoman holds a connection to Reactron, who killed Supergirl's father. This issue draws all of the various plot threads together -- the murder of Supergirl's father, the mystery of the death of Agent Liberty, and the nosiness of Major Lucy Lane.

Gates seeks to draw a conclusion to his first major storyline in the pages of "Supergirl," and does so admirably. While this issue is not the conclusion per se, much of the conclusion is established here. Now it's just a matter of wrapping things up and tucking plotlines in. My biggest concern, however, is the lack of potentialities for the "mystery" of Superwoman. Truly, there were really only two viable candidates. Once Suspect A is ruled out which, to me and some other readers was an issue or two ago, then it has to be Suspect B, making the big, last-page reveal a little less than amazing.

Igle, as mentioned in previous reviews of this title, has found his spot. This is Jamal Igle's book. His storytelling is dynamic and action-packed, daring to be more graphically alarmist when it needs to be, but never sacrificing "pretty" for the sake of story. His Supergirl moves like a warrior sure of herself, but guarded against letting loose. Igle's choices for some transitional panels is well-conceived and more dynamically executed.

This story seems to have stretched on for an incredibly long time, but it spun directly out of "New Krypton", but the end is in sight. How much of that end is fogged by storytelling twists or tweaks in direction can only be discovered in the next issue. There are still questions to be answered: Where did Reactron go? Can Supergirl bring Superwoman to justice? What's going on with Lana? Did Superwoman kill Inspector Henderson? Gates has left enough story out there to fuel the next issue and lead the readers into whatever follows. Given the strength of the effort from Gates, Igle, and company, I'm going to be along for the ride.

Given the sharp recap provided by Kara in this very issue, this might actually be a good spot for you to jump in, if you haven't already. I look forward to seeing what Gates and Igle will do to grow the gallery of supporting characters and rogues for Kara.

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