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Supergirl #37

by  in Comic Reviews Comment
Supergirl #37

The fallout from “New Krypton” creeps into the ongoing adventures of Supergirl as this issue directs a great amount of focus upon the enigmatic SuperWoman. For diehard readers of the “New Krypton” arc, you know that SuperWoman isn’t quite as noble as the other characters bearing the mantle of “Super.” A recap of her misdeeds is presented here, and given solely to the reader, making it our dirty secret.

Gates continues to craft a dense story around the world of Kara Zor-El. With Kara’s mother now the sovereign of New Krypton, Kara finds a whole new level of issues and Gates writes those additional layers with masterful strokes. This is a story that, literally, spans worlds and the depths between them. Gates keeps those worlds from colliding while avoiding the pitfall to homogenize either world’s uniqueness.

Igle’s artwork is as masterful as ever, uniquely rendering each member of a cast of scores. I keep waiting to pick up an issue and find Igle phoning it in or underperforming, as has become the case with so many artists plagued with a monthly chore, yet Igle never delivers any less than a superbly rendered visual adventure. The plankwork detail in the scene on Hob’s Bay, the skylines of Kandor, the symbols of the house banners in Alura’s command center, all of these and so much more make this issue (and each of Igle’s issues) worthy of a re-read, solely for the sake of absorbing the dedication spent on these pages.

Champagne ably inks every line of Igle’s craft, and Ruffino adds a depth through her brilliant, equally deep, dedication to making each panel stand as a mightily rendered artwork in its own right.

My biggest concern with this series is that in running through “New Krypton” Supergirl’s story may have gained a new depth of layers that could vex readers who jumped on with Gates’ and Igle’s first issue. The murder of Kara’s father, and the murder committed by Supergirl have caused me to reconsider sharing this title with my eight-year-old, but I am still very much enjoying this title. It will be interesting to see what direction this title takes from here.