"Supergirl" #12 To Feature The Debut Of The All-New Terra

Official Press Release

The Last Daughter of Krypton meets the all-new Terra in the pages of SUPERGIRL #12!

This issue will feature a different story than the one described in the September Previews (Volume XVI #9).   The issue now will be written by Jimmy Palmiotti & Justin Gray with art by Amanda Conner.

"Justin and I are really excited about showing what we can do with Supergirl, and equally excited about introducing the new Terra into the DCU," says Palmiotti.   "With Amanda on board for the art, we couldn't ask for a more fun book to premiere her in."

"Supergirl rocks! Amanda Rocks! Terra...throws rocks! It is a perfect combination," says Gray.

The story finds the Girl of Steel down in the dumps - and no match for a monster that's using her emotions as a weapon.   This looks like a job for a Terra, a mysterious new hero whose very steps make the ground tremble to make her presence known to the world.   This issue will serve as a lead-in to the upcoming TERRA miniseries.

SUPERGIRL #12 (SEP060205) is scheduled to arrive in stores on November 1.   This issue is order adjustable through its Final Order Cutoff date of October 12.  

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