Superboy Becomes a Warlord in Young Justice Preview Art

Writer Brian Michael Bendis has shared new artwork for an upcoming issue of Young Justice, which features Superboy Conner Kent adding a warlord-vibe to his superhero costume.

Bendis shared the artwork by John Timms to Instagram with the caption, "Coming soon in young justice #connerkent #warlord @theartofjohntimms @gabeeltaeb #dcwondercomics #youngjustice"

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Timm's artwork shows Superboy with a helmet on his head, similar to one worn by the God of Thunder, Thor. Superboy holds a bloody sword in his left hand, and some type of accessory with red circles hangs from his right shoulder. Superboy's eyes are also red to match the blood moon in the background, possibly hinting that the young hero is being mind-controlled.

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The heroes of Young Justice are currently lost in DC's Multiverse after leaving Gemworld. The rulers of Gemworld told Young Justice that they would be sent home, but instead double-crossed the heroes for interfering with Gemworld affairs.

During their travels, Young Justice has visited several popular Earths, including the Earths of Kingdom ComeCaptain Carrot and His Amazing Zoo Crew, the Little Justice League and the evil Crime Syndicate. The latter resulted in a clash against their evil doppelgangers, with Tim Drake adopting a new superhero name.

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