Comic Legends: How Are Superboy and Supergirl Teammates in the Legion?

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Superboy and Supergirl were able to be Legion teammates because Saturn Girl hypnotized Superboy to forget about meeting Supergirl when he went back to the past.


Basically False

I really intended to make this an all-Norm Breyfogle week of Comic Book Legends Revealed, but then I thought it would be kind of weird to do a "false" legend about Norm, and at the same time, while I was doing a Comic Book Questions Answered about Superboy and Supergirl's time in the Legion I remembered that there is a well-remembered belief about their time together in the Legion that is false, so I thought it would be a nice diversion to just make this one the false legend this week.

Anyhow, my pal Alan S. wrote in to ask how, exactly, Superboy and Supergirl could be teammates in the Legion of Super-Heroes when Supergirl is from Superboy's future and we saw Superman not recognize her when he met her in Action Comics #252?

(As an aside, I like how Superman sort of "mansplains" Supergirl's origin to her. "No, no, that doesn't sound right")

So what's the deal?

Well, here's the thing. I am not going to say that people didn't notice this stuff back in the day, as they clearly did, but there were much less opportunities to point stuff like this out, so Superboy and Supergirl were actually teammates for, like, 30 issues before they finally printed a letter from a fan who wanted to know what the deal was...

I get mixed up when I see Superboy and Supergirl together in the Legion. Supergirl came to Earth when Superboy had grown up to be Superman. Therefore, he shouldn’t know about her since this would reveal something about his future. Does he take a serum, or hypnotize himself, or something, when he returns to his own time? I’m all bedfuddled.

Weisinger replied, “You’re close. Supergirl uses post-hypnotic suggestion to make the Boy of Steel forget about her when he returns to twentieth-century Smallville.”

That makes sense, Saturn Girl is a telepath and she could easily implant a post-hypnotic suggestion in his min...wait, what's that? SUPERGIRL did it? Yeah, apparently so. What a weird decision, right?

It was shown in Adventure Comics #334...

Isn't that bonkers as all get out?

Eventually, Saturn Girl DID use her powers to place a post-hypnotic suggestion in Superboy's mind to not return to the future after he discovered how his parents died in the past (but still Superboy's future)...

But the initial deal was all Supergirl. Not even a ton of LEGION fans probably know that.

Thanks for the question, Alan! Thanks to my pal Commander Benson for the Weisinger quote!

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