DC's Super Sons of Tomorrow Is the Story Robin & Superboy Need


Doomsday Clock may be the biggest, but it isn't the only event DC Comics is releasing this winter. In addition to the universe-wide affecting Watchmen-themed storyline, the publisher will debut the mini-event "Super Sons of Tomorrow," a four-part arc which will begin in December and spread across the Super Sons, Teen Titans and Superman comics.

As the title implies, the focus will be on the Super Sons, aka 10-year-old Superboy (Jon Kent) and 13-year-old Robin (Damian Wayne). The boys will go up against a group of former-Teen Titans and a Batman from the future who’s convinced them the Boy of Steel must be destroyed before he grows up and becomes powerful enough to kill millions in the future. Having recently fallen into a pretty strong friendship, it comes as no real surprise that Robin will opt to protect Superboy from his unexpected assassins.

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When you’re a superhero living in a world of other superheroes, it’s only natural that a bond is formed between the offspring of two major icons. For the Bat-family, their strongest bond--or one of them, given the Flash/Nightwing dynamic--is generally with a member of the Superman family. Dick Grayson has Superman, whose homeworld of Krypton gave Dick the inspiration to become Nightwing; Tim Drake had Superboy (Conner Kent) in the pre-New 52 era, who he founded Young Justice with and wore the colors of following his death. Jason Todd recently found his Super in Bizarro in the Red Hood & the Outlaws comic, while Stephanie Brown had a great relationship with Supergirl as well, pre-New 52. Whether their relationship began with friction free or through trial by fire, each pairing helped shape their individual characters in some way.

While the other Robins met their Supers when they were adults (or at the very least, not in the beginning throes of adolescence), Damian had no such luck. He met Jon when he was 12 going on 13, which is generally the worst time of your life to make friends, because you're figuring out who you are and what kind of friends you want. To further complicate matters, as the son of Batman and Talia al Ghul, Damian doesn’t do bonding, much less friends. He has kindred spirits in Dick and Jason, sure, but he doesn’t have friends, a discintction he even notes in the first issue of his Teen Titans book. (The exception being his giant furry friend/transport Goliath, of course, and his frenemy Maya Ducard, both of whom he met in his 2015 solo book.) That statement has no doubt changed over the course of Rebirth, thanks to his team of Teen Titans, but even more so, Jon Kent.

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