Adventures of the Super Sons Introduces the Li'l Legion of Doom

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for Adventures of the Super Sons #1 by Pete Tomasi, Carlo Barberi, Art Thibert, Protobunker and Rob Leigh, in stores now.

You can't keep the world's finest duo down for long. In this case, we don't mean Batman and Superman, but rather their respective children, Damian Wayne and Jonathan Kent.

Though their initial team-up series Super Sons was cancelled, Robin and Superboy are back at it again, this time in a 12-issue maxi-series titled Adventures of the Super Sons.

The series doesn't exactly take place in current continuity -- instead, Damian and Jon's latest caper takes place in-between Super Sons #16 and Superman Special #1, something that allows the title to do its own thing without concerning itself with the big shake-ups of DC Rebirth.

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Adventures of the Super Sons #1 starts with Jon eating popcorn as he watches Damian try to deal with a Superman statue come to life courtesy of The Puppeteer. However, the Teen Titans villain isn't actually the main threat of the issue. Once the resurfaced Puppeteer is dealt with, an entirely new super-team manifests itself in the DC Universe, one that no one saw coming: A kid version of the Legion of Doom.

Calling itself The Gang, the new villains reveal themselves at the close of the issue led by Rex Luthor (obviously a placeholder for a young Lex Luthor) and his best friend, Joker Jr. The Gang also counts among its members a female version of Captain Cold named Ice Princess, Kid Deadshot, Brainiac 6 and a fully grown counterpart to classic DC villain Shaggy Man, Shaggy Boy.

Adventures of the Super Sons The Gang

Almost as soon as The Gang shows up, they make easy prey of Superboy and Robin. Damian gets restrained, and Rex unleashes a piece of gold Kryptonite on Jonathan, whose main property is to drain a Kryptonian's powers. The team of super-villains quickly demonstrates its superiority in both planning and execution, but the real mystery is their origin. Where does this pint-sized take pos the Legion of Doom come from? The issue itself doesn't offer an exact answer yet -- but we do get some hints.

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Early on, we see them arrive to Earth via spaceship. Rex mentions that their home is light-years away, and they refer to themselves as kid versions of "this planet's greatest heroes." There's enough there to construct a few theories, the most obvious being that they come from another planet -- possibly even an alternate reality. But the fact that they also have Brainiac 6 in their company could also mean that they come from an alternate timeline. After all, Brainiac 5, the heroic member of the Legion of Superheroes, comes from the 31st century. The next iteration in his line would therefore be from even further in the future, which could mean that the little Legion of Doom actually comes from an era we've never seen before.

Wherever The Gang is from, they've already proved themselves to be quite dangerous. It's only fitting that the dynamic duo of Superboy and Robin comes up against an entire legion of kid villains we're kind of familiar with. We don't yet know what the plans are for these characters yet, but one thing is certain -- less than an issue into their new adventure, and the Super Sons have their work cut out for them.

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