Did 'Super Sons of Tomorrow' Give Evil Tim Drake a Hopeful Future?

Freed of his burden and falling into the light, Tim may have unwritten his future, but what does this mean for the DC Universe. Does he have a more positive role to play now that he is no longer a future fascistic Batman, but a self-styled Savior. Or does his new monicker add a new zeal to his cruel and murderous intent?

Tim is a bit of a wildcard at the conclusion of Superman #38. We know that Batwoman and Clayface’s actions in Detective Comics will trigger the events that led to his becoming Batman, but this is no longer a certainty. However, this is not the only curveball in the “Super Sons of Tomorrow” storyline. There are several questions that are spinning out of this crossover.

The first concerns the split in the present Teen Titans. Raven and Beast Boy agreed to follow Tim’s lead, while Aqualad, Starfire and Kid Flash decided to find and rescue Jon and Damian. This rift could play out in the coming year, especially if Tim from the future returns once again.

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The second is about Damian. In Detective Comics #968, future Tim claims that Damian should be killed on sight for “what he does to the Kent boy.” While Tim may have been referencing the present day version of Damian, there are currently two different versions of Bruce Wayne’s son lurking in the post-Rebirth DC universe. An interlude in Super Sons #10 showed the Damian Wayne from Grant Morrison’s Batman #666 materializing in the present day and announcing that the Apocalypse was cancelled. We already know that Damian will sell his soul to the Devil in a year’s time in order to avert the end of the world, but could his future self have come back -- like Tim -- to alter his fate? And has Mr. Oz in any way influenced him?

The final curve ball may come courtesy of a character who doesn’t yet exist in the current DC Universe: Conner Kent. As the Superman of Titans Tomorrow conspires with our Superman to save Jonathan from perishing in the super flare, he tells Clark that he failed the boy before, and doesn’t intend to again. While he may be referring to the New 52 Jon, who sacrificed himself to save every instance of Conner in the Multiverse, could he be referencing to something that has yet to happen? We’ve already seen two future Batmans come back through Hypertime. Given Mr. Oz’s interference, and the various horrific tomorrows to come, could there be more Supermen of tomorrow materializing in DC’s post-Rebirth continuity?

Will Conner be back? Will we see a Jon from the future. Only time -- and perhaps the conclusion of this story in Super Sons #12 -- will tell. After all, we’ve seen plenty of folks from the future in “Super Sons of Tomorrow,” except for the Super Sons themselves.

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