Super Sons of Tomorrow Is Teasing a Batman v Batman v Batman Fight

DC Comics is on the verge of a Batman free-for-all in its latest crossover between SupermanSuper Sons and Teen Titans. "Super Sons of Tomorrow" sees the Batman of Tomorrow (a future version of the current Red Robin, Tim Drake) travel to the present day to prevent the deaths of millions of civilians. According to Future Tim, the person behind this cataclysmic event is none other than Superboy, which leads the time traveler to sentence the young superhero to death.

Batman of Tomorrow History Lesson

Before we get too far ahead of ourselves, let's take a look back at what Future Tim has been up to. He was last seen in the pages of Detective Comics #965-968 after he was revealed to be a prisoner of Mr. Oz alongside his present-day counterpart. Future Tim hails from the Titans of Tomorrow timeline established in Geoff Johns and Mike McKone’s Teen Titans run in 2005. Robin, Superboy, Wonder Girl and the rest of the Teen Titans grow up to assume the mantles of their mentors while ruling as dictators over the West Coast of the United States. One of the more surprising developments came from Tim Drake, who goes against everything Batman stands for by adopting a love for brandishing guns.


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After escaping Mr. Oz's prison, Future Tim realizes events transpiring in the present can alter his timeline. This sends him on a collision course with Batwoman, who he blames for the fall of the Batmen and setting his life down a horrible path. It takes the combined efforts of the Bat-Family to stop Future Tim and before Hypertime sucks him back into the timestream. We rightfully believe that's the last we've seen of the Batman of Tomorrow, but Superman #37 reveals that isn't the case.

Batman of Tomorrow vs. World's Finest

Part One of "Super Sons of Tomorrow" features Future Tim Drake taking his one-man crusade to Wayne Manor, with artist Jorge Jimenez and colorist Alejandro Sanchez illustrating an intense battle between current and future Batmen. Bruce Wayne isn't shocked to see Tim Drake return, though he's not aware of who Tim is hunting. The future Batman makes it clear he doesn't want to be here, but he's prepared to do whatever it takes to win, even if that means putting a bullet into his former mentor.


With Bruce out of the way, Future Tim collects some necessary items from the Batcave and heads for his next target at the Fortress of Solitude. One thing Batman and Superman have in common recently is they both have had to deal with shocking heel turns by members of their extended families. While the cast of Detective Comics was up against the Batman of Tomorrow, Superman learned the true identity of the mysterious Mr. Oz.

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Future Tim tried every trick up his sleeve to gain an advantage over the Man of Steel, including hijacking Kryptonian battle armor. What ultimately won the fight for the time traveler was a trap lined with red Kryptonite. This is when Future Tim revealed that to save Superman's future, his son Superboy must be killed.


Another Batman of Tomorrow Enters The Fray

We've known for awhile that the Batman of Tomorrow would terrorize the "Super Sons of Tomorrow" crossover. Since Future Tim popped up in Detective Comics, the assumption has always been that he was the Batman of Tomorrow referred to in solicits. However, November's Super Sons #10 included a two-page "intermezzo" teasing the appearance of another Batman of the Future. This is Damian Wayne of Grant Morrisson's Batman #666, a version of Bruce Wayne’s son who sold his soul to the Devil to prevent the Apocalypse.

Future Damian has yet to make his presence felt in Part One and Two of "Super Sons of Tomorrow," but his short cameo ahead of the crossover can't be a coincidence. It makes you wonder what role Future Damian will play in the proceedings.

Batmen Battle Royal

We could be in store for an epic showdown of Batmen from different eras and timelines in "Super Sons of Tomorrow": present-day Batman (Bruce Wayne) fighting alongside the Super Sons and Teen Titans to stop two Batmen of Tomorrow (Tim Drake and Damian Wayne). Could the two former Robins team up in order to take out Superboy ahead of the upcoming disaster, or will they be on opposing sides?

We got a clue in Super Sons #11 when Future Tim had Raven broadcast his thoughts to the Teen Titans. The vision included the older versions of Jonathan Kent, Tim Drake and Damian Wayne in a heated argument. It's worth pointing out that neither Jonathan or Damian were in the original Titans of Tomorrow future. Conner Kent was the Superman of Tomorrow, but because of the DC Universe being manipulated by outside forces, his current status remains murky.

It would seem Tim has made his way to an alternate Titans of Tomorrow timeline, where Damian has become unhinged after selling his soul to the Devil. As Raven narrates, Tim is caught in the middle between the Super Sons until he forces Jonathan to make a choice that results in a powerful explosion that leaves millions dead.

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Readers are used to seeing Jonathan and Damian bicker as youngsters, but some type of disagreement happens in the future that leaves them at each other's throats. Perhaps Damian knows that, in stopping Tim in the present, he can prevent himself from making his deal with the Devil, and therefore knowingly alter his timeline.

Whether Tim or Damian work together or not, "Super Sons" is primed to leave a lasting impact on the DC Universe. Bruce will have to come to terms with the horrible actions taken by his understudy and son. We know he won't resort to killing to stop his opponents, but the same can't be said for the Batmen of Tomorrow. Also, what if future Tim and/or Damian become trapped in the present? If this were to happen to Tim, we have an idea of which persona he could adopt.

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