10 Things Every Marvel Fan Should Know About The Super Skrull

The Skrulls have long been one of the more popular alien races in Marvel comics. Initially debuting as Fantastic Four villains, the shapeshifting race has since proved to be quite a problem for the rest of the Marvel universe as well.

The most notable of the Skrulls is their powerful champion, the Super Skrull. This enemy has long plagued the Fantastic Four. He is perhaps one of their most formidable opponents. Here are the top ten things every Marvel fan should know about the Super Skrull.

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10 Has the Fantastic Four's Powers

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Perhaps the most notable thing about the Super Skrull is his unique powerset. The Super Skrull, or Kl'rt as he is known on his Skrull homeworld, has all of the powers of the Fantastic Four.

Not only does he possess all of the FF's powers, but also Kl'rt's abilities are actually stronger than the originals. Unlike the Thing who is perpetually made of rock, the Super Skrull can transform any part of his body to rock at will. Over the years he has mastered these powers and knows how to dispatch his enemies using devastating combinations of these four abilities.

9 Possesses Additional Abilities

In addition to his Fantastic Four powers, Super Skrull has a few other abilities that make him a deadly opponent. Just like any other Skrull, Kl'rt has the ability to shapeshift. Such an ability allows him to sneak up on unsuspecting enemies, or simply blend into a large crowd for a quick getaway.

Super Skrull also has an additional power, one that is not a natural Skrull ability or of any member of the Fantastic Four. That power is his ability to mind control. By making an enemy look into his eyes, Kl'rt can gain control over the said opponent. Once under the Super Skrull's influence, he can make his victims do whatever he pleases.

8 Created to Destroy the FF

After the Fantastic Four had ruined the Skrull's plan for the invasion of Earth, the Skrull emperor Dorrek VII made a plan for revenge. Using advanced Skrull technology, the race's top scientists imbued the warrior Kl'rt with all of the FF's abilities.

Once on Earth, Super Skrull immediately sought out the Fantastic Four and quickly beat them in battle. After a short retreat, Mr. Fantastic designed a plan to weaken Kl'rt's powers. Richard's plan worked, and the Skrull warrior was forced to retreat.

7 Has Battled Other Heroes

Although most notably a Fantastic Four villain, Super Skrull has fought many other heroes during his long career as a Skrull warrior. These other heroes include Thor, Captain Marvel, Spider-Man, Ms. Marvel, Nova, Sasquatch, and many others.

There have even been a few occasions were the Super Skrull finds himself in conflict with his own people. During these times, Kl'rt has actually worked alongside some of Earth's greatest defenders, including the FF and Silver Surfer.

6 Joined Thanos

During the long-lasting Kree-Skrull war, Kl'rt served as the Skrull Empire's Earthbound spy. Surprisingly to many, the war ended in a truce between the two races. After the end of the war, Super Skrull was banished from the Skrulls and was forced to set out on his own.

With no allegiances left, the Super Skrull decides to join and serve the mad titan Thanos. He aids his new master in a search for the Cosmic Cube and fights the likes of Spider-Man, the Human Torch and Ms. Marvel. The powerful trio of heroes defeated Kl'rt sending him off into the depths of space.

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5 Brainwashed Into Thinking He's a Little Boy


After being retrieved from the depths of space by the villain Master Khan, Super Skrull is then used as a pawn to help Khan defeat the Iron Fist. Using his brainwashing abilities, Khan makes Super Skrull believe that he is a young boy named Bobby Wright.

As Bobby Wright, Kl'rt believes that he acquired superhuman powers and a terminal illness from an alien spore. Feeling pity for the kid, Iron Fist and Luke Cage invite him to go out on some adventures. Unable to control his powers, Kl'rt nearly kills Iron Fist and is later separated from the crimefighting duo and reminded of his true nature.

4 Sacrifices Himself

When the deadly Annihilation Wave threatens to destroy the Skrull homeworld, Kl'rt springs into action. Kl'rt's son still lives on the planet, and the Super Skrull's only desire is to keep his son safe.

Using his incredible abilities to combat Annihilus and his forces, Super Skrull eventually becomes outmatched by the sheer number of enemies. In a final effort to stop them, Kl'rt blows up a giant warship, apparently killing him and much of Annihilus' forces. He didn't stay dead long, as his body was later found and brought back to life.

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3 Power Skrull

Kl'rt is not the only Super Skrull. After Kl'rt, the Super Skrull program continued to become more advanced. The Skrull known as Paibok became their next test subject. The experiments on him turned out wildly successful.

Paibok, now known as Power Skrull, was given super strength, flight, the ability to turn his skin into steel and the power to shoot both electricity and blasts of cold from his hands. Much like Super Skrull, Power Skrull has long been a dangerous enemy fighting the Fantastic Four on behalf of the Skrull Empire.

2 Xavin

Trained to be a Super-Skrull the young Xavin was granted the Fantastic Fours abilities just like Kl'rt. Due to her younger age and less experience, however, Xavin can only use one of these abilities at a time.

Wishing to leave the Skrull Empire, Xavin set out on her own amongst the people of Earth. She later became a member of the teenage super-team the Runaways. Much like Xavin, every member of the team had escaped their original homes/families. Xavin fit right in.

1 Catalyst For Secret Invasion


In the last few decades, one of the biggest Marvel crossover events was Secret Invasion. Secret Invasion follows the heroes of Earth as they discover that many of them (members of the X-Men, Avengers, FF, and others) have been replaced by Skrull counterparts.

These new Skrull invaders not only replicated the appearance of Earth's heroes but also their powers as well. This is because of the work done with Kl'rt and the Super Skrull program. After learning how to replicate the Fantastic Four's powers, the Skrulls then used this same technology on many other heroes of Earth. Let's hope they never try to invade again.

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