"Super Real" Now In Print

Official Press Release

Super Real continues it's print debut tour at Wizard World Chicago, and then comic shops this November!

You may have caught a glimpse of it on the internet, or at some of the industries biggest cons, but now the complete first issue of the graphic epic, Super Real, is in print! SuperRealGraphics.com recently world debuted a special edition of issue number one at the industry's largest event, San Diego Comic-Con, which will also be available at Wizard World Chicago, August 4th-7th! Making a limited number of the series debut available months in advance of the November release through Diamond Comics Distributors and retailers nationwide. Not only that, but it's available in special versions of both covers - the regular cover by series creator Jason Martin, and the variant cover by red hot talent, Josh Howard (Dead@17)!


Super Real is an explosive mix of quirky characters thrown into a world of extreme reality, and super powered adventure, a fun, sexy saga with all the trappings of super heroes and all the drama of reality television. The series that asks, what type of people would become genetically enhanced for one million dollars? Find out when reality television and comic book fiction collide!

Critics have also had a sneak peek at the upcoming series, and have great things to say. Randy Lander of thefourthrail.com writes, "Super Real #1 was an unexpected bright spot… Martin springs onto the scene almost fully formed, with an art style that will find a lot of favor". Or Egg Embry of silverbulletcomicbooks.com recently wrote, "The writing is something else, full of character, personality… This is a good start for Super Real, and it makes me curious about seeing the rest of the series!" Even creator's are starting to get in on the action, Tokyopop's Felipe Smith (MBQ) says, "It's awesome! Nice dialogue and characters."


If you're lucky enough to make the con, be sure and check out the books and more at the Super Real Graphics table (9169) in the artist alley. If you can't make it to Chicago, you can stay tuned to the website -www.superrealgraphics.com for news, information, and previews for the book. Or look for Super Real in the September Previews catalog for pre-order, and talk to your retailers!

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