'Super Real' debuts at CCI San Diego

Official Press Release

[Super Real]Available for the first time anywhere as a sleek low-tech flip book in the Comic-Con Small Press Pavilion II, table Z 6, the new graphic series SUPER REAL.

An upstart television network, XTV (that puts other recent networks to shame in terms of edge), partners with a biogenetic firm to produce a reality show with five genetically enhanced participants. The participants must be between the ages of 18 and 30, and agree to terms of a contract worth one million dollars. All they have to do to collect their money is complete their contracts. But what are the (contracts) terms, and what kind of people would sign up for them?

The series will initially focus on the five selected participants, following them through the process of the biogenetic enhancements and television show production. The character driven aspects of the process are highlighted, along with the extraordinary nature of the enhancements. Although the title SUPER REAL and its themes may seem at conflict, that's really what the story is all about. Taking superhero themes and making them work in today's world, for today's audience. A graphic fiction series with the maturity of HBO TV, quirkiness of reality programming, and the epic drama found in comics and movies.

The series creator, a child of the 70's and 80's, is a lifelong fan of comics and art who returned to the medium in the mid 90's after an extended period away (under the seductions of techno music and malt liquor) with renewed interest. He's been involved in comics retailing for the last 3 years while developing this series (and yes, mowing the occasional lawn).

If you can't make it to the San Diego show, you can visit the SUPER REAL website at: www.superrealgraphics.com. There you'll find more information on the book as well as purchase information for the limited printing con preview book available now.

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