Super Mario Bros Movie Deleted Scene Reveals Terrible New Footage

Bob Hoskins and Jon Leguizamo in Super Mario Bros

While the 1993 Super Mario Bros. live-action film may have divided critics and audiences upon its release, the movie has its fair share of loyal fans.

Such fans include those at the Super Mario Bros. The Movie Archive, a group dedicated to preserving and remastering the cinematic video game adaptation for an eventual high definition release. The group has now shared a recently discovered deleted scene online, with the intention of including it on a potential Blu-ray release.

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The scene has Mario and Luigi confront two rival plumbers, Doug and Mike, whom have stolen a plumbing job from the two of them. The original theatrical release had the brothers depart the job site after learning they had lost the gig.

According to the online archive, the scene was found in a rough cut of the film on a VHS tape owned by producer Roland Joffé. The tape was up for auction on eBay and reportedly contained approximately fifteen minutes of footage not in the theatrical cut of the film.

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Directed by Rocky Morton and Annabel Jankel, Super Mario Bros. stars Bob Hoskins and John Leguizamo as the classic video game duo. Released in 1993, it is available in standard definition on home video.

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