Super Human Resources #1

Story by
Art by
Justin Bleep
Colors by
Joey Mason
Cover by
Ape Entertainment

This book struck me as something to watch for when I first encountered a post card for it back in Baltimore in 2007. Yeah, Baltimore in 2007. I took that post card with the tagline, "Think you work with a bunch of freaks? You have no idea." and hung it up in my cubicle at the law firm where I worked (no, I don't work there any longer).

This book is an irreverent romp through the worlds and long boxes of every comic book reader. Just as "The Office" serves up slices of life that everyone can relate to, no matter what line of business they operate in, this book has at least a few chuckles for every comic fan -- whether it be the porn-addicted Zeus in the monitor room, the undead receptionist or the pop-tart-eating swamp monster in the supply room. We discover this offbeat workplace alongside Tim -- a temp who has been placed with Super Crises International. There is an impressive amount of behind-the-scenes activity that powers a super team, and Tim gets the grand tour, bringing the reader along for the ride.

The art is playfully cartoonish and makes no pretenses of trying to be anything other than what it is - different. The art feels like the work of Sean "Cheeks" Galloway, but stands alone. That said, Bleep's characters are distinct and identifiable. His style broadcasts the emotion and attitude of the characters, much in the way Skottie Young's does. It's an unorthodox look, but this is an unorthodox book.

Make no mistake, this title is far from perfect, and that's where the charm comes in. It revels in being a book without continuity, tie-ins, or crossovers. What happens in "Super Human Resources" stays here, ready to be picked up in the next issue with the same witty irreverence. This is the comic you never knew you were waiting to read. Having been the lucky recipient of a double-secret-extra-early-sneak-preview of the second issue, I can honestly say there's plenty more chuckles and humorous situations for our man, Tim.

Get in on the ground floor of "Super Human Resources" while you can. They are hiring after all.

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