Super Hero nostalgia with new 'Marvel Legends' line from Toy Biz

Official Press Release

NEW YORK, NY ­- Comic fans can reminisce to the super hero days of old as Toy Biz presents some of MarvelUniverses most popular characters in their original classic form with the all new Marvel Legends line.Expertly sculpted with vibrant colors and over 30 points or articulation, each figure comes equipped witha unique wall-mountable diorama-style base and an exciting 16-page character specific comic book thatwill appease even the most die-hard Marvel fan. Battling its way into stores in February 2002, AssortmentI includes: Hulk, Iron Man, Captain America, and Toad. Additionally, Assortment II is ready to explodeonto shelves March 2002 with: Thing, Namor, Dr. Doom and Human Torch. Marvel Legends products will beavailable at the suggested retail price of $6.99.

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