'Super Hero Happy Hour' changes name to 'Hero Happy Hour' over trademark issues

Official Press Release

Costa Mesa, CA – January 30, 2004 – GeekPunk is announcing that their flagship comic book title featuring superheroes patronizing their favorite bar & grill during their off-hours will now be entitled Hero Happy Hour beginning with the fifth issue of the ongoing series.

According to creator Dan Taylor, "The decision to change the title was brought upon by the fact that we received a letter from the trademark counsel to 'the two big comic book companies' claiming that they are the joint owners of the trademark 'SUPER HEROES' and variations thereof."

Hero Happy Hour officially premiered under its original title in January 2003 to favorable reviews by critics and garnered a loyal fan base that continues to grow with the release of each issue. "I want to assure our regular readers that the comic will continue to be published and will contain the same unique and humorous take on the genre we are all fans of," says Dan Taylor. "If this means that we have to make a change in the title of our book in order for us, the guys struggling in the minor leagues, to be able play ball in the same park with the major leaguers, so be it."

Dan Taylor adds, "It looks like all of the readers that took a chance and purchased our book before the title change are now in the possession of a collector's item."

In addition to the comic book series continuing, Hero Happy Hour will also be published as a "Super Special" this summer featuring guest talents from the comic book industry bellying up to the bar to tell their own interpretations of life at The Hideout Bar & Grill. A spin-off comic book mini-series is also in the works in addition to Hero Happy Hour exploring incarnations within other mediums.

The newly entitled Hero Happy Hour #5 "Reality Shots" written by Dan Taylor with art by Chris Fason is scheduled for release in March with a cover by Dave Crosland (Puffed) and an additional story written by James Patrick (Crackurz) with art by D.J. Coffman (Monkey Man Unleashed, Crackurz). Hero Happy Hour #5 (b/w 32 pages) will be available at comic book shops, or online at www.geekpunk.com.

About GeekPunk

First and foremost, GeekPunk is a publisher of comic books. We could be called small press, self-published, or independent. But, we prefer the term guerrilla publishers. Formed in order to publish the comic book Hero Happy Hour, GeekPunk will continue to publish additional issues of Hero Happy Hour as well as producing other entertaining comic books for those looking for something different. For additional information visit the GeekPunk web site at www.geekpunk.com.

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