Super Friends #9

Story by
Art by
J. Bone
Colors by
Heroic Age
Letters by
Travis Lanham
Cover by
DC Comics

This Johnny DC title does what no title in the DC Unverse proper did this year -- it wishes Superman a happy birthday. After all, it's not every day that a globally recognized, American legend turns 70. To celebrate, a Superman museum is opened in the Johnny DCU, much to the lament of the Flash.

Fisch provides a serviceable title, easily approachable for younger readers with just enough nods and winks for the older crowd that is trying to help foster comics reading for those newer comics fans. The art is simplistic, but well crafted, as it replicates the chunky feel of the toy line these heroes are based upon.

Lex Luthor, of course, shows his bald head to ruin the affairs of the day, with a mischievous plan that smacks of the types of schemes he used to cook up in the Superman stories of the 1960s.

In a time when Superman seems to be encountering a great deal of strife, a title like this does provide a nice reminder that comics were once geared towards a less stressed-out readership. The fact that it includes a recognition and celebration of Superman's birthday with his best friends and his dearest family members only adds sweeter frosting to the birthday cake.

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