Super Frat Battles Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld on Spring Break

Official Press Release

Super Frat, the webcomic based after the adventures of Ryesmore

University's fraternity Lambda Sigma Rho, has launched their second

annual "Spring Break Special" online. The special posts each day from

April 3rd to the 7th on the Silent Devil website at www.silentdevil.com.

This year, the strip features special guests Dick Cheney and Donald

Rumsfeld on Spring Break in Daytona. The White House has had yet to

comment on the strip.

Campus Army Recruiters Fight Super Frat

Meanwhile, in the regular online webstrips, Lambda Sigma Rho Treasurer

Ira Flenstein continues to battle army recruiters on the Ryesmore

University Campus. Citing the ease at which the dim-witted, politically

unaware student body can be fooled, Flenstein argues that the recruiters

have an unfair advantage. Rumors continue to persist that Dean Calfinch

has encouraged the recruiters to target members of Lambda Sigma Rho, but

this cannot be confirmed. Although most members of Super Frat

acknowledge that their super powers could be used to put down the

insurgency, they were quoted as saying the Iraq War "totally sucks major

ass". Pledgemaster Dick Warblerson reaffirmed this statement by belching

loudly and then vomiting onto a pile of recruitment brochures left in

the Student Union.

Silent Devil Stands Behind Webcomic

Silent Devil continues to deny rumors that it has been pressured to

cancel Super Frat. The publisher recently won a hotly contested lawsuit

against Ryesmore University over the portrayal of the fraternity's

antics. Several well-connected alumni of Gamma Iota Alpha (Lambda Sigma

Rho's rival fraternity) including two Senators, have denounced the

webstrip for being lewd, vulgar, indecent, disgusting, graphic and

tasteless. A third senator that denounced the strip withdrew his

comments on Friday when it was revealed that his daughter had

voluntarily appeared in the first Spring Break strip topless. Silent

Devil publisher Christian Beranek continues to stand by the webcomic and

has already scheduled a Super Frat comic book graphic novel to be

released in September.

Illustrator Chris Moreno and Biographer Tony DiGerolamo were unavailable

for comment as they are accompanying Lambda Sigma Rho on their Spring

Break while producing this week's webcomics.

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