Sunday Continental Breakfast: 2/13/11

Your regularly-scheduled Brunch has been sent to Aunt Mabel's farm for a while, whilst other projects take shape. That said, here's a few neat links anyway...

ITEM! Matt Seneca casts an eye upon Grant Morrison's aborted Wildstorm revamp, with looks at Wildcats #1 (with Jim Lee!)...

How would "adult superheroes" behave? They'd FUCK! And they'd do it bathed in the intensity of four-color printing at the very bleeding edge of its capabilities, Alex Sinclair pouring ketamine hues over the spiky forms of weird Jim Lee contour drawings. Two things: "adult" and "superheroes", and two more that match up with them in the simplest and most direct of ways: "hot sex" and "bright color". The rest of this comic is just the justification. This is the meat, the real thing that hasn't been done before or since, the pervy adolescent wish fulfillment aspect of hero comics finally grown up enough to have a real sexuality and not be ashamed of it either, to put the point of it on the page with the same lunatic joy that undercuts the best bangin' fight scenes and far-out conceptualizing of the genre's acknowledged classics.

...and Authority #1-2 (with Gene Ha!):

Like I said, this isn't just mediocrity -- it's aggressive mediocrity, visual art by a couple of talented artists working at evoking something. That something, of course, is the "real world" the comic's titular characters are set to collide with. ... It's an evocation of that most inescapably familiar of human feelings: boredom. Morrison's script, while it never quite reaches the same painstakingly pedestrian quality of Ha and Lyon's beautiful blurs, is attuned to the same general principle. It's dialogue only for this comic, no WildCats bombastic narration or Dada captioning. And what dialogue! I'll flip to a random panel... it says "Tell me about it." The next one... and it's "Come on." This coming from a man whose bigger-ticket superhero endeavors in 2006 included "I've dedicated my existence to explaining the unified field in the form of a perfect haiku," and "I'll see to it that your lovely wife is devoured alive by cannibal gourmets."

UPDATE UPDATE ME ME ME DEPT: How about that, I ended up writing a response to this! Elsewhere.

ITEM! Bleeding Cool reveals this Fall's Halloween lady fashion. Sexy Thor-ette? I, uh... I... I'm not sure how I feel about this.

ITEM! Chris Eckert provides a tour of Ronald Reagan's many comic book appearances, though he leaves out the time Reagan turned into a snake and fought Captain America.

ITEM! Luke Pearson writes and draws an utterly fantastic, Chris-Ware-ian comic short, "Some People". Here's a short sample:

And with that, the Sunday Brunch goes on hiatus. If all goes according to plan, however, I will continue making your Sundays a little less boring by whipping up some actual content, as opposed to borrowing it from others.

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