Sunday brunch: Links for the week of 7 April-13 April 2013

I don't do links every week, but that just makes the weeks I do even more special!


You've probably already heard about Elaine Lee and Michael Kaluta's Starstruck Kickstarter, but in case you haven't, there you go. Starstruck is a really cool comic, and a quasi-sequel to it sounds neat. If you're interested, head on over and check it out!

I found this on Facebook, and I'm sure plenty of you have seen it as well: Awesome sexist T-shirts featuring Marvel characters. I know Kelly Thompson has already seen these, so perhaps someone should check her apartment to make sure her head hasn't exploded. One of the commenters on Comics Alliance pointed out that the store also has "girl power" T-shirts, but why is that "I'm a girl and I'm a weakling" one not offered for boys, if that's the case? My problem with shit like this is that I have a hard time believing that in 2013, someone thought this was a good idea and absolutely no one said, "Yeah, maybe not." It makes me sad.

Colin Smith writes about Bryan Talbot's Grandville: Bete Noire here and here. As always, Smith brings the smarts to writing about comics!

David Brothers, who continues to be far smarter than most of us, has two posts about Saga #12, here and here. In the first one, he encapsulates the situation far better and with less cursing than I did, and in the second one, he interviews Eric Stephenson of Image. Good stuff

Speaking of which, Tom Spurgeon puts a bow on the Saga saga. Again, far better than I could do.


FotB Third Man (writing under a strange name - "Daniel") writes a personal eulogy about Roger Ebert. Daniel had the chance to meet Ebert, briefly, and his column about Ebert's effect on his life is very keen.

Dana Perino raps. Do not click on that link unless you have a very strong stomach. A VERY STRONG STOMACH!!! Who is Dana Perino, you might ask? She's the ex-White House Press Secretary under Bush II who's now a FOX News contributor. Imagine her rapping, and you'll be able to figure out what's going on at that link.

Here are ten cocktails inspired by Lana Del Rey lyrics. The drinks sound good, although I had never heard of Lana Del Rey until I saw that post.

Here are the 20 best series finales. I cannot agree with #1, not only because I didn't like that episode, but because Newhart isn't #1, which is a traveshamockery.


Man, how did this scientist get a grant to study the breasts of women 18 to 35? That's some fine snowballing there, all in order to claim that bras might be harmful to women. Well done, French dude. Well done.

A warning to young people: Don't become a teacher. I was a teacher for three years, and I can't say this person is all that wrong. Which is a damned shame.

That's it for this week. Sorry I don't have more - the beginning of the week was really busy, and I'm sure I missed some cool stuff. Don't forget to pay your taxes if you haven't already! The government needs you help to waste as much money as possible!

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