Sunday brunch: Links for the week of 27 January-2 February 2013

What do you want? LINKS! When do you want them? NOW! Is there some sort of big football contest today? Don't watch that - check out some links!


It's the end of the month, and you know that that means ... FunkyWatch!

Greg Hatcher (on Facebook) linked to David Petersen's advice on setting up for your first convention. This isn't the last time in this post that I'm going to let Other Greg do the work while I reap all the glory!!!! Bwah-ha-ha-ha!

Because you're not already sick of it, here's Kieron Gillen annotating the first issue of Young Avengers. Plus, the Mothership talked to both Gillen and McKelvie about it, so there's that, too. (If you think I'm too in the bag for this comic, I'd like to point out that I'm a total sucker for annotations and other kinds of "behind-the-scenes" stuff - see below for another link about that. If I found other comic book creators doing the same thing, I'd link to those, too. I've only listened to one of Gillen's podcasts with other comics creators breaking down their books, but I love that idea, too. It just happens that this week, Gillen and McKelvie are drumming up interest in YA. If I see another comics creator breaking down their work, I'll link to that, too!)

In fact, here's Sloane Leong providing commentary on her back-up story in Prophet #33. With cool animation!

Caleb alerts us to a serious potential health risk. Man, that won't be good for anyone.

I have not listened to this podcast yet because it just went up, but it's Chris Mautner, Matt Seneca, Joe McCulloch, and Tucker Stone ... talking about Faust: Love of the Damned! I can't wait to check this out!


Here's an article about the dearth of female writers on television. Shawn Ryan, who creates good and really low-rated television shows (we miss you, Terriers!) then debunks the article. I read Jezebel every once in a while, and although they often have some thought-provoking stuff, it seems like they never let the facts get in the way of a good rant.

Here's a good Steven Soderbergh interview. Soderbergh is retiring, apparently, so he has things to get off his chest!

Is J. J. Abrams too "homogenized" to direct Star Wars? This writer certainly thinks so.

There's a secret war on that you might not have heard of. Yes, it's the war over the capitalization of the name of the latest Star Trek movie. Oh, the humanity!

Via this, I found The Pulp Fiction Oral History. See above for my love of "behind-the-scenes" stuff!


Here's some porn! Well, bookshelf porn. I found this on Facebook thanks to - you guessed it - Greg Hatcher. Honestly, who else would have found this?

I found on Facebook (sorry, I can't remember who linked to it, although it was probably Rob Schmidt): A man who took his wife's last name is being accused of fraud by the state of Florida. The best quote? When he explained he took his wife's last name and filled out the appropriate paperwork for that, he was told "That only works for women." What year are we in?

An acquaintance of mine, Steve Cleff, is a very good artist, and he's interviewed by something called Cliché magazine in which he explains his process. Plus, there's a cool video showing him working.

Here's a fascinating story about a Russian family who lived in Siberia for 40 years, completely cut off from the outside world until they were discovered in 1978. The world is a weird place, people.

I saw this on The Daily Show this week: The Citadel, a planned "freedom-loving" community in western Idaho. It's going to be based on Thomas Jefferson's principles of liberty, and yes, it looks as insane as it sounds.

Here's a story about a 23-year-old high school teacher who tweets semi-nude pictures of herself and says she smokes a lot of weed. As you might expect, it doesn't end well. Remember when people said you shouldn't do crazy stuff that might end up on the Internet because it might affect future employment? Those were such innocent days.

This is a very interesting column about race and how it doesn't exist. I found it at my pal Roger's blog.

The Applebee's situation goes nuclear.


Speaking of Chris Sims (and I was, above), he visited a Waffle House, in tweet form. Sims isn't consistently funny, but dang, this is good stuff.

Speaking of Facebook, Matthew Southworth linked to individualized Pez dispensers. Because everyone should own a Pez dispenser with their face on it!

I love the Internet.

I don't think I can top that, so let's be done for another week. Have fun watching the game or the commercials, whichever you're watching, and remember - cheer for San Francisco (even though I don't care for either team), because a world where a bunch of arrogant assholes like the Ravens defense gets to win a Super Bowl is a world that's just a little more depressing. You know it's true!

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