Sunday brunch: Links for the week of 18 - 24 August 2013

Some weeks I get to zip around the Internet a lot, but at the end of this week, I got hung up a bit. So there's plenty from the beginning of the week!


Here's a nice interview with Chad Nevett about the new Transmetropolitan book, among other things. Chad tries to start an Internet Feud with me, but I will resist! By the way, if you haven't bought your copy of Shot in the Face yet (and why not?), you can get it here and here, among other places. I still haven't gotten my copy, which I think I'm getting in the mail. So I still can't say whether the other essays are any good, although I'm sure they're excellent!

This is a pretty cool interview with John Romita Jr. about several topics, but of course, the fact that he dodges the question about the rape scene in Kick-Ass gets the most press. It was a weak answer, I must say.

Yet another interview, this one with Paul Pope, who talks about the DC thing he's been caught up in recently.

Tom Bondurant breaks down DC's editorial landscape in a fascinating article. Man, talk about too many cooks.

You've all seen the new Lobo, right? Sweet fancy Moses, that's some awful redesigning. It is nice that DC, which wants to make all its women sex dolls, has decided to make at least one of its men a sex doll, too. PROGRESS!


According to this dude, if the country continues on its track, Boy Scouts will soon be able to get badges for sodomy, incest, and cannibalism. As many people have pointed out, Scouts would be a lot more intriguing if you could!

There's really nothing to say about this story except that people are horrible. I mean, really horrible.

Via here, I saw that this guy considers Obama the first female president. I can't decide if this is more insulting to Obama or women. It's probably about equally insulting, though.

John Kerry says it's harder to govern people because of the Internet. Poor Kerry!


This is a fun video about what fashion designer in 1939 thought fashion would look like in the year 2000. Some of it is fairly prescient, although the one dude looks ridonkulous even if they knew we'd have man-bags and pockets for phones.

So Prince has a new single called "Breakfast Can Wait," which sounds like your typical Prince song (and I like Prince, so I like the bit of the song I've heard). On the cover of the single, Prince put Dave Chappelle, dressed as Prince. This is a real thing, people. Nice to see Prince having a sense of humor.

HitFix has been doing a series of "What If?" posts (here's the list), and I thought the one about River Phoenix was particularly interesting. Damn, Phoenix was a great actor.

So Elmore Leonard died, and everyone was sad until someone got cast as Batman. Robot 6 linked to Leonard's 2001 piece about rules for writing, which isn't bad reading. Some of them I do instinctively - I've never liked using anything but "said," even when it's a question - so I guess I'm on my way!

Here are 20 *NSYNC photos that Justin Timberlake probably wishes no one would ever see again.

Can you write a creepy two-sentence story? Some of these are pretty damned good, actually, although none are really all that creepy.

This guy went to Corey Feldman's birthday party, and man, it sounds really, really sad. Feldman had final edit on the article, too, and it still sounds really, really sad.

Here are some of the best tweets about Ben Affleck being cast as Batman. I mentioned this in Greg Hatcher's post, but I'll mention it again: Does anyone really care about the actors in a superhero movie? Jeebus, Chris Hemsworth and Chris Evans can't act their way out of paper bags, but people went to see Thor and Captain America because they're pretty. If you're planning on going to see the Supes/Bats movie, you're going to see a guy in a mask posturing with a pretty guy with a spit curl, and then some CGI 'splosions and, let's hope, some cool neck-snapping. You're not going to see Affleck act, for crying out loud. As long as he can stand around and not have a beer gut, he'll do fine. The nerdrage expended this week could light Bangladesh for a year. It's insane. Obligatory: Affleck was the bomb in Phantoms.


Oh, too late: Here are five unsolved mysteries of life that make no sense!

And here are six movie remakes whose special effects were worse than the originals.


Football season starts next weekend and the following weekend (depending on whether you're talking about college or professional), and while I'm not as big a football nut as I used to be, I still like watching my favorite teams. Even if you're not a Philadelphia fan (shame on you!), this article about the Eagles and their new coach is pretty good, because, as the author points out, even if they suck, they're probably going to be the most insane team in the league.


This is a time lapse map of climate change for the past 30 years. It's certainly a good thing that humans have nothing to do with this!

That's all she wrote for this week. I hope everyone has a nice day!

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