Sunday brunch: Links for the week of 17-23 February 2013

What do we have this week? Only you can discover that!


Jordie Bellaire talks coloring. Ms. Bellaire, you'll recall, ranted about a certain convention that doesn't consider colorists artists, so she's been getting some press recently. Of course, over here at a certain fellow's weekly reviews, she's been getting press for being a damned fine colorist, so there!

Colin Smith is a fine thinker about comics, but he's never quite as much fun as when he's eviscerating comics, as he does with Batman #17. I haven't read Batman #17, so I don't know how spot-on his conclusions are, but Colin rips comics to shreds so elegantly that they're fun to read even if you haven't read the actual issue.

Over at Comics Alliance, Chris Sims checks out The Brave and the Bold #140. Chris Sims writing about Bob Haney comics is always a treat.

Eddie Campbell explains comics for you. Campbell is perhaps a bit old-fashioned in what a panel should show and how people read comics, but he makes some excellent points, using a fairly well-respected artist to make some points about comprehending a comic.


Billy Corgan shows up in a local furniture commercial. What a weird dude.

A fun cliché in movies is the line "You had one job!" So, of course, the Internet made a meme out of it. Because that's the Internet's job!

Daniel Knauf talks about Carnivàle and how it would have played out had it not been cancelled. I liked Carnivàle, and I wish HBO had been able to keep it around (it was wildly expensive). It's interesting to look back on certain shows and realize they were just ahead of their time. Arrested Development was one of those. Based on what's on television today, it seems that Carnivàle was another one. Oh well.

FotB Third Man gives us his Oscar predictions. I guess the Academy Awards are on tonight? I haven't cared about the Oscars for many years, ever since my kids were born and my watching-movies-in-theaters participation dropped to about 2 a year (last year I saw The Hunger Games, The Avengers, The Dark Knight Rises, and Argo in the theater, and that was a busy year!), but Oscar predictions are always fun. Check out Daniel's and see how he did!

I try to watch The Daily Show every morning (the day after it airs), and it's been years since I missed more than 1 or 2 in a row (I watched it when Kilborn was the host, bitches!). On Tuesday's episode, Stewart talked about the meteor in Russia, and it might have been the funniest bit I've ever seen on the show. Here's the link to the video. Russians, apparently, really like dashboard cameras, and they capture so very much. As Stewart says, Russia is apparently like a live-action Grand Theft Auto. I could not stop laughing.


Yes, it's the battle of nipple exposure in North Carolina. Seeing female nipples rots the mind!!!!!

Here's a story about taking pictures of nude women. So, yeah, it's the tiniest bit Not Safe For Work (although kind of like the SI Swimsuit Issue or the ESPN Body Issue). The project is explained at this site, which is definitely Not Safe For Work. Just be warned!


Here's a list of words that changed because people got them wrong. Yes, I know I'm a grammar and spelling Nazi, but that doesn't mean I don't recognize that things can change over time. But I don't have to like it!!!!

Enjoy the links, everyone. I'll remind you that there will be no links next week, as I'm hanging out for a good part of the week in Seattle and won't be scouring the Internet. I'm sure everyone will survive!

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