Sunday brunch: Links for 3-9 February 2013

For some reason, I didn't find many links this week. I don't know why - I looked at the usual suspects, but there just didn't seem to be a ton of interesting stuff out in Internetland. Sorry! But there are some interesting links below the cut, if you're so inclined to look.


Joseph Hughes writes about the lack of black writers at the Big Two. The comments section, predictably, goes haywire.

Eddie Campbell writes about pictures and words in comics and the relationship between the two. I hate to say this, but it's not terribly original stuff, but Campbell does a very nice job distilling some original thoughts out of it. And he has a lot of experience, of course, so he can write knowledgeably about the subject.


They found Richard III? That's awesome.

The Grammies are tonight (I won't watch, because I don't give a rat's ass, but they're still on!) and so we get:

A memo from CBS going over what people should wear. CBS is, of course, the network of old people, and they don't want those geezers having a heart attack if Katy Perry shows a bit of skin.

Here, meanwhile, are 54 fun facts about every Best Album winner ever. Some of them are pretty keen.

LL Cool J is the host of the Grammies, so here are 8 LL Cool J songs everyone should listen to before they watch the Grammies. Who doesn't love "Radio"?

This is an interesting article about why people hate Lena Dunham so much. It's very weird - I don't really give a shit that Dunham is getting paid 3 million dollars for a book, because idiotic book deals are the American Way, man! Why do people get angry about Dunham getting that but they don't care about a utility infielder on a shitty baseball team getting 3 million a year to sit on the bench and strike out in pinch-hitting situations? I like Girls, but it's just a show. Jesus, people, let it go.


If you haven't met Kai yet, meet him now. He just might be the greatest human being ever. Wait for the quote: "Smash! Smash! Smaaaaaassshhhhh!" There is, of course, an autotuned mix of the interview, with some Stephen Colbert commentary tacked on in the same post. Holy crap, it's awesome.

Again, I apologize for the brevity of this week's post. I hope Kai makes up for it, though! Have a nice day, and remember: The Walking Dead is back tonight. I still haven't watched the first part of Season Three, because I'm going to DVR the entire thing and watch them all in a row. That's just how I roll!

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