Sunday Brunch: 9/27/09

Not an overabundance of links this week, just the really cool/controversial stuff. Hopefully nothing major hits on Friday, because, as I write this on Thursday, I'm about to run off to Atlantic City to start my new career as a lounge singer.*

Rather than a question of the week, I figured I would share this one-panel cartoon/PSA, written by me, drawn by my buddy Jay Stewart:

*Some of this sentence is untrue.

Links below.

ITEM! Chris Bird, the Mightygodking himself, writes about why it's so hard to write about/parody recent comics:

Now, I’m not saying Blackest Night isn’t going to sell well. It will. And fans will probably like it, to which my reaction is “yeah, and Transformers 2 made $400 million at the box office, but it was still shit.” It’s not fun making fun of total shit. Civil War was a pretty great idea with some horrible execution. Blackest Night is just bad in all respects.

There, that should stir up some emotions. And thereby cause zombies to eat your heart, or whatever it is they're doing.

ITEM! And while the internet's dogpiling on Blackest Night, we might as well look over to Bleeding Cool, where Rich Johnston cherrypicks some choice quotes from an Alan Moore interview. Quotes like:

I increasingly get a sense of the comics industry going through my trashcan like raccoons in the dead of the night… That’s a good image, isn’t it? They weren’t even particularly good ideas.


I tend to see the people who run the comics industry as being largely like some variety of tapeworm or some other parasite. But, they’re not very good at it. Any self-respecting tapeworm or parasite never kills the host.

More blood and thunder at the link.

BUT THEN! James Robinson replies. Also courtesy of Bleeding Cool:

And albeit this is me, here, the guy who made such a mess of LOEG but [Moore]’s basically saying that comics are dead because they dare to draw from past continuity ... everything of note [Moore]’s written was the reinterpretation of someone else’s work. Marvelman, Swamp Thing, Watchmen (Charlton heroes) even From Hell (although he denies it) borrows greatly from Jack the Ripper: The Final Solution by Stephen Knight which was very much the read du jour back in the day. And let’s not forget that Watchman [sic], as brilliant as it was, had an ending taken from an episode of the Outer Limits. I know this sounds mean, but all I’m saying is that comics are a medium where one creator feeds off the work of others. That’s the nature of the beast...

The gauntlet-- hurled!

ITEM! Well, since I've just become a funnel for Bleeding Cool, might as well link to History of the Modern Comic Book #2: The Tao of Comics.

...! There's a pretty nice article on the famous GI Joe "silent issue" by Shaenon Garrity over at Comixology. Check it out.

ITEM! The Vault's running a series of interviews called "Voices from Artists Alley." Pretty clever idea.

HOLY GALADOR, BATMAN! They're doing another Mantlo tribute/ROM, Spaceknight art show! And the art? Well, it's groovy. Here's a couple pieces from Ben O'Brien and Jon Wilcox:

REMAKE/REMODEL: Skywolf! It's like Blackhawk, but with wolf skin! It's like Airwolf, but with less Borgnine! Here's Jon Bivens:

And here's Paul Sizer:

And that's all for this week! Later, folks. If I hit it big on roulette, though, you may never hear from me again. Mwahahahaha!

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