Sunday Brunch: 8/2/09

Hey look, I'm still here.

This week on Sunday Brunch: the all-out all-awesome all-art edition! Cool revamps, spiffy webcomics, and snazzy pop art content from all your favorite internet people!

MAN IS HIS SUSHI! The internet's most insane comics reviewer, Abhay Khosla, throws his hat, and the kitchen sink, into the ring, giving us his very own comic: Abhay Khosla's Bram Stoker's Dracula! It is, as one would expect, hilarious and awesome:

And, as Brian has pointed out below, part two is now up! More Abhay than you can Ab-handle.

I LOVE THE NIGHTLIFE, I LIKE TO BOOGIE: Christophers Sims and Piers debut their new Action Age comic, Woman of A.C.T.I.O.N. this week! Surprisingly, it doesn't awesome your ears right off with a flying kick to the head, but it does set up what will surely be a cool spy-action story as only the two-fisted Simsation could bring you. Also, the lead supporting character is quite clearly designed after the Doctor himself, David Tennant, so I can't not love it, you know?

TERMINUS INVASION: I am always excited to see a new Terminus strip from Dan White go up at Mindless Ones. It's quickly become my favorite webcomic. It's one panel of loveliness, every week. And here's what I'ma gonna do, faithful viewer: I'm gonna show you the image, and you're going to have to follow the link to see the funny caption that really ties the room together:

I AMUSED MYSELF TO GRIEVOUS INJURY: Stuart McMillen gives us the big battle: Aldous Huxley vs. George Orwell. Turns out they're both right.

WELL, I DIDN'T SEE THAT COMING: The grand finale of Kevin Church's Lydia spin-off strip leads to a mind-bending Lydia/The Rack crossover! Crisis on determinedly finite webcomics! I haven't linked to these strips before, but I read them. Oh, yes. I read them.

HARK! A VAGRANT! Kate Beaton's probably my favorite cartoonist on the web, or "webcartoonist," if'n you will, so I shall link to her latest "internetoon". Sample forthwith:

CATS, GATS, SPATS, AND FEATHERED HATS! No power on this Earth will prevent me from buying this collection of Jim Rugg and Brian Maruca's Afrodisiac. Can you dig it?

IS THAT NIGHTCRAWLER OR GARGAMEL? Here, have a Travis Charest cover for an upcoming issue of Astonishing X-Men.

OTHER STUFF I DON'T LINK TO: You're reading Warren Ellis and Paul Duffield's Freakangels every Friday, right? Because I heard if you don't, the eels come and get you in your sleep. Well, have the latest episode, then. Don't want the slippery devils crawling up your bunghole. (Gotta love those page transcripts!)

BEST REMAKE/REMODEL EVER: It's Gorilla with a Human Brain at Whitechapel this week, and it's just impossible to pick a favorite, as every single one is brilliant. I could post a dozen images and still not scratch the surface of awesome. Gorillas bring out the best in everyone. Here's but a sampling:


Ken Miller:


And the coup de grace? MDominic's:

Make sure you hit the link for the rest of the goodness.

That's all for the week!

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