Sunday Brunch: 8/16/09

Sunday Brunch limps back, clearly not at full force. Nothing's so much as breathed heavy on the internet lately, let alone broken it in half. Let's see what links I can scrounge up.

ITEM! Hey, did you hear there's gonna be a Walking Dead show on AMC? Oh, you did? From everybody? And they all used the world "shambling" in their headline? Darn.

ITEM! Professor Fury at PrettyFakes takes a look at two of my favorite underrated DC series, both from Joe Simon: Brother Power, the Geek, and Prez! Since the good professor was kind enough to link to me, I shall link back in return! Link your neighbor as yourself, and all that.

ITEM! Dan Nadel gives the internet's only negative review of Darwyn Cooke's Richard Stark's Parker: The Hunter at Comics Comics.

ITEM! Bloodwulf explains grammar. Does what it says on the tin.

ITEM! I've been enjoying the recent rounds of Lester-on-McMillan podcasts. Maybe it's for the insightful commentary, or the funny, or maybe it's just because of the lovely lilting tones of Graeme's Scottish brogue. Whichever. Here's a link to the whole run so far.

ITEM! This week's Terminus was even more awesome than usual.

ITEM! Since we last checked in, Abhay Khosla's gone and put up a couple more chapters of his game-changing Dracula adaptation! Here's chapter three and here's chapter four. And here's some enticement to click on the links:

ITEM! It's Chris Sims' birthday week (and I'm sure Brad Curran plots to pop out of a cake somewhere), but that hasn't stopped him from posting the concluding chapter of his latest explosive comics adventure, Woman of A.C.T.I.O.N.! Guest starring David Tennant and Stephen Fry. Really. But don't forget Gustav, the world's happiest henchman:

THE LAST REMAKE/REMODEL until September, that is. This time it's Captain Future, with the unique weakness of "strong blows to the head." Here's Neil Struthers' version:

And that's all I got this week. What do you got?

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