Sunday Brunch: 7/19/09

Seven more days have passed us by, and it's time for another foray into the series of tubes that is the comics internet! If you're itching for dumb puns and wordplay with lots of links to cool stuff, look no further!

FLASH FACT FLASHBACK TAKES FLAK! Remember that great Infantino interview piece I talked up last week, the one at GraphicNYC? Apparently Infantino took several issues with it, leading to a he said/ he said public argument, of sorts. The Beat has the details, with statements from Infantino, Chris Irving, and photographer Seth Kushner. And since we're all airing dirty laundry, I wondered if I could hang my underpants up next to your things? Thanks.

BUT THAT AIN'T GONNA STOP 'IM: The latest GraphicNYC interview is a good one as well, spotlighting Jules Feiffer and his varied career. I especially like seeing some love for The Man in the Ceiling-- I've got two copies of that sucker, and love 'em to bits:

“School [was] impossibly difficult on every level, and expectations from grown-ups were beyond what I could meet, but something I could fake and faked all the time,” Jules says. “I faked my way through school and the approval of family. Childhood was the act of being a CIA agent in enemy territory, waiting to get back home. Getting back home was where I could run my own life, and my own life was represented by what I read in newspaper strips and particularly comic books, which were home turf to me.”

LET THERE BE SIGHT! Help John Ostrander keep his vision.

SAYONARA, 'RAMA! Matt Brady leaves Newsarama. He was the best part of the site since, well, ever, so it'll be sad to see him go.

DON'T SPIT ON THE CAKE: Jog (the Blog, anyway) turns five! They grow up so fast.

PLEASE, NO WOOD JOKES: Van Jensen, scriptwriter for the upcoming (and surely awesome) Pinocchio: Vampire Slayer comic, gets interviewed at sister blog Robot 6:

Now, a different answer to the same question: Journalism is really helpful as a fiction writer in that it teaches you how to report, which in short means learning everything you can about a subject and distilling that knowledge. Pinocchio didn’t require quite as much of that, but I still did a lot of research into the original fairy tale and the origins of the vampire mythos.

YOU SAW THIS ON JOURNALISTA ALREADY: Jarret Keene interviews J.H. Williams on Batwoman and the nature of his art:

Comics are a medium where design can play a major role in how to affect the reader and impact the story in ways that can’t be done in prose or film. I’m very much into toying with what’s possible there. However, I don’t fret over it as much as some might think. I really don’t do thumbnails, and I do my designing right on the art boards as I work. I keep everything up in my head. Very rarely do I feel I need to throw something away and start over-maybe once every couple years. So when you see the printed page in a comic from me, you’re seeing my first crack at designing that page, scene, or entire issue.

IT'S NOT POLITE TO POINT BLANK: Tucker Stone writes an excellent review of Darwyn Cooke's new Parker graphic novel at Comixology:

The reader doesn't see his face until page 20. And after that one page, the reader barely ever sees him again. Now, sure--he's in the book, he's on almost every page. But you don't really see him anymore. You catch a glimpse of his hands, going to work, a sliver of a face caught in Cooke's blue and black shadows, read a snarling line of dialog that cuts across the page with pure efficiency...

THIS REMINDS ME OF A CRANBERRIES LYRIC: A new Vertigo series was announced over at their Graphic Content blog. Written by Chris Roberson, it's entitled "I, Zombie," and features all my favorite things: Mike Allred art, zombies, girl detectives, names that sound like kooky wordplay ("Gwendolyn 'Gwen' Dylan"), and zombies. The zombie genre is played out in comics, but I have hope for this series.

HE'S NOT FAT, HE'S JUST SUPER-PLASTIC-FLUIDY: Mightygodking shares Ty Templeton's brilliant two-page Bouncing Boy origin from 1990, and it's the best comic I've read in months. What's Ty "The Guy" up to these days?

WAKE ME UP BEFORE YOU G-MO: Vertigo's released a preview of the upcoming Grant Morrison/Sean Murphy joint, Joe the Barbarian! Looks gorgeous.

JASON AARON'S GONNA WRITE THE PUNISHER... And I'm gonna buy it. You are too, right?

MAYHEM AT COMIX EXPERIENCE! Brian Hibbs vs. Tyrese Gibson in this week's Tilting at Windmills! I think I'll side with the comics retailer on this one.

I CAN'T TYPE... BUT I KNOW A SECRET ABOUT KID FLASH! Vardulon brings us a single line of dialogue from an old issue of Flash that manages to contradict its own continuity.

ARE YOU SURE YOU'RE ALLOWED TO USE LANGUAGE LIKE THAT? Chris Sims brings us Preacher #1: The Fucking Short version.

NEXT ON THE AGENDA? THE SECOND COMING: Planetary's actually going to finish! And the cover is bee-yoo-tiful:

HOGGING THE COVERS: I haven't mentioned the Covered blog in a while, where cool artists reproduce their favorite comic covers in their own unique styles, but it's still going strong. Here's some favorites of mine from the past couple months: Derek Barber's Wonderful Adventures of Pinocchio, Matthew Allison's Beware the Creeper, and Ben Newman's Green Lantern:

THE END OF AWESOME!? Yep, Neill Cameron's finished up the A-Z of Awesomeness, with quite possibly the most awesome one yet, as the stars of the A-Z become zombified, and only ZZ Top can stop them! I look forward to whatever Neill does in the future, but am worried that nothing will ever be awesome again.

Of course, Neill is kind enough to tease us with an upcoming project of his, entitled the Pirates of Pangaea. Which, of course, is as awesome as his take on the alphabet:

REMAKE/REMODEL at Whitechapel is Atomic Man! Loads of good entries, as ever. My favorites this week are probably from David Lee Ingersoll and Michael Furious:

... but Andre Navarro's haircut wins the whole thing.

REVAMP: At last! The winners for Project Rooftop's Wolverine redesign contest, judged by Jason Aarson and Ron Garney, are up! My personal favorite is definitely this entry from runner-up David Kennedy:

And that's it for the week! Be sure to tune in next time.

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