Sunday Brunch: 6/7/09

Just like "Best Week Ever," but with less D-List celebrities!

RANDOM THO-- I MEAN, ITEM! Planetary #27 will finally come out this Fall. In other news, DC announces the continuation of Sonic Disruptors. At last!

I MISS ANTON FURST: Lovely article here at Life Without Buildings about the architecture of Gotham City and its ties to Batman's character. Thanks to Robot 6 for pointing it out.

BRING ME THE HEAD OF JACK KIRBY: Warren Ellis' new column, Do Anything, is now live at Rich Johnston's new site, Bleeding Cool, which is also live. It is, yes, about the head of The King himself. Go. Read.

I AM BUYING THE HELL OUT OF THIS: Finally, that "indie Marvel" project is a go. Strange Tales MAX (interesting it's coming from the mature readers imprint) is three issues of the best indie creators going nuts on Marvel characters. The biggest news of all is that it's finally allowing Peter Bagge's Incorrigible Hulk to see the light of day. I don't think I'll be able to wait for the trade on this. Gurewich, Jason, Kupperman, Pope, Shaw, and more. Three issues, 48 pages each, four bucks, September. Sold.

MORE LIKE "MONSTER TIMES," AMIRITE? Action Age Comics has brought us the first episode of Monster Plus, where the hero is a "Mummified Werewolf Zombie Vampire Frankenstein Witch Doctor From Mars." And the villain? Best villain ever. I don't want to ruin it for you, for its majesty is that great. Go find out for yourself.

REMAKE/REMODEL: This week at Whitechapel, it's the Blue Lady. Here's Krista Noisrot's rendition:

Wonder Woman Just Turned Her Archenemy Into a Goddess of Doom

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