Sunday Brunch: 6/21/09

Spend Father's Day by ignoring your children and reading about comics on the internet!

HAPPY! I'm a kid at Christmas every time Abhay puts a new review up on Savage Critics, and this time it's a review of Gus and His Gang:

I think about that episode basically all the time. And by all the time, I mean the time I spend looking at internet pornography. I could have been a genius, cam whores! All that time, lost! To the internet, magazines, flipbooks. On one confusing yet magical night, a rerun of BARNEY MILLER. Lost, so much time lost! There are entire advanced degrees I could have earned. If I had that time back? I could have easily earned a Ph.D. You would have to call me DOCTOR SHITHEAD in the comments section of this post.

DOPEY! So the Clone Saga is coming back-- sorta. In that there's a six issue mini which retells it, but "the right way!" Or something. Read the solicitation for yourself, and ask: would a just and loving God allow such a thing to happen?

I mean, I liked Ben Reilly well enough, and I like that out-of-fashion creators like Mackie and DeFalco are still getting gigs, as they should, but this story is about as necessary as X-Men Forever, which is to say... more unnecessary than Lindsay Lohan undergoing gastric bypass surgery.

But maybe this interview with Mackie and DeFalco themselves will convince you. Big Tommy D himself says:

We are crafting a limited series that will appeal to anyone who has ever had any affection for Peter Parker or Spider-Man. If you loved the original Clone Saga, you will definitely love this limited series. If you hated the original Saga, this series will make you a true believer. If you never read the original saga, you can finally join the fun. This series will be totally accessible to new readers and it’ll take you on one of the wildest thrill rides in the history of Spider-Man. Hey, even if you don’t like Spider-Man, there’s a pretty good chance you’ll still enjoy this story.

So it will have something for everyone, it seems.

BASHFUL! Some Marvel comics were too shy to appear in solicitations. Bleeding Cool has the info on those, as well as some mini's coming out in the following months. It's an event-within-an-event! Hey, remember, before someone went with the term "story arc," when they were called "mini-series-within-a-series"? And now they're everywhere? Hmm.

GRUMPY! I'm sure Burgas is happy about that Moon Knight news, but I'm kinda surly about somebody beating me to a Brother Voodoo ongoing series. Oh, I'm sorry-- Doctor Voodoo. Because the Sorcerer Supreme title comes with a Ph.D, now. But Rick Remender's ideas sound pretty cool, and I'm very glad he's keeping the character in New Orleans, so I will definitely give the series a try, hoping it will fill that Captain Britain-sized hole in my heart.

SLEEPY! You all attended Winsor McCay Day in Spring Lake, Michigan, right? You know, Winsor McCay, genius creator of Little Nemo in Slumberland? I'm sure it was worth braving the fabled beast-ridden jungles of Michigan.

SNEEZY! Well, I suppose it's nothing to sneeze at that Wednesday Comics' Superman strip will be running in USA Today, but I'm a bit bummed that only the first installment will actually appear in the print version of the paper. But then, now that the paper's a dollar per issue, I can't justify buying it regularly no matter how good the crossword puzzle is.

DOC! Neill Cameron's A-Z of Awesomeness is going to be a page to keep up with for the duration of the alphabet, though I suspect it's Already Achieved the Apex of Awesomesaucem with this little number-- I mean, letter:

SNOW WHITE! Lots of it, in fact, in this trailer for the much-delayed Whiteout movie adaptation. Have we seen this before? It's new to me.

REMAKE/REMODEL at Whitechapel this week is Digambara Samiyar, the holy hermit who fights crime. Yes, really. Some lovely pieces this week, but I have to share Ken Miller's, because its awesome quotient is through the roof on the Sims scale. And his sequel ideas further down the thread are even more badass.

NICE DAY FOR A BILLY IDOL REFERENCE: Artist Carly Monardo would like to pay for her upcoming wedding-- so she's taking commissions. So pony up a few bucks and get that picture of Darkhawk and Sleepwalker making out that you've always wanted. Maybe.

NOT COMICS DEPT: I hope at least some of you would agree that Woody Allen is quite probably our greatest living screenwriter, and yes, he's got yet another movie coming out-- Whatever Works, starring Larry David. There's a very good interview/article/examination of Jewish humor in America at New York magazine's website. Yes, the article is nearly a month old, but IMDB only just linked to it, and the movie's just out, so deal with it. I particularly like this passage:

“My story is, whatever works, as long as you don’t hurt anybody,” he says as the movie starts. When I ask Allen if the line represents the Weltanschauung of his thirtysomething or current self, he says his outlook hasn’t changed: “Yes, whatever works to get you through is fine, and not necessarily in relation to relationships. If it’s collecting stamps obsessively, or listening to ball scores, if you’re not encroaching on anyone else, then that’s what you have to do. I think from a philosophic point of view, existence is a nightmare. If you are honest with yourself, it’s a painful thing to go through. You know, the time goes.” He pauses, winces, shrugs. “And then, it stops.”

I think that could apply to quite a few comic fans, don't you?

STILL NOT COMICS DEPT: This is not the plot to Ghostbusters III, but if it were, I would most probably enjoy it.

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