Sunday Brunch: 6/14/09

Now with a higher percentage of Omega-3 Fatty Acids!

HOUSE AD: Our own Chad Nevett (or "Poochie," as I like to call him) wrote a snazzy post on the top ten and bottom five Joe Casey comics on his home blog, GraphiContent. Caseyphiles (or even Caseyfoes) will surely get a kick out of it. I'm not a Casey expert, but I am glad to see Automatic Kafka and one of the precious few worthwhile Cable runs ranking well.

I PREFER REAR WINDOW: Vertigo launches their own blog, Graphic Content; Chad Nevett sues for infringement. Wildstorm's also got their own blog, entitled The Bleed; it's expected to last four issues before dropping out of the Top 300 and never being mentioned again (I kid, I kid... but so help me, if you don't put Mysterius in trade...)

OW, MY BRAIN! It's a month old and a year late, but I feel I should link to our pal plok's "review" of The Dark Knight, in which he argues that any apparent goofs, glitches, or inconsistencies are merely an aspect of the world Nolan creates and... ow ow! Brain pain!:

But that’s how this stuff works. It’s a magic trick: pledge, turn, and prestige all in one. All the sleeves are turned inside-out, but we get misdirected from it…and it’s all on purpose…

Because the movie itself, just like its villain, is an unreliable narrator.

And that is what this is all about.

POW! BAM! CATHOLICISM! I missed this last week, but James Howard's review/analysis of the Pope John Paul II comic from back in the day (I remember it from my Catholic school stint) is mind-bogglingly awesome, describing just how badass the late Pope was. Especially when it came to bears:

Suddenly and without warning comes Cardinal Karol Jozef Wojtyla bearing down on you from out of nowhere, naked to the waist, armed only with a pointed stick and the word of God himself as he shouts to the heavens that “ONLY ONE OF US WILL LIVE TO SHIT IN THESE WOODS” — oh, yeah. It is a bad time to be a bear.

COMICS, REPORTED: Surgin' Tom Spurgeon interviews acclaimed cartoonist Seth:

I think, sometimes, people think a high profile "gig" of this sort is like appearing on the Broadway stage or something -- excitement and applause. The sad reality is that you are just sitting in the basement, the same as any other day. You don't actually see anyone read the thing. The Prime Minister of Canada doesn't phone you up and say "Good Show."

I resisted Googling the strip for its entire run but when it ended I typed in the title. The very first "hit" said: "Thank god, George Sprott is finally over." And people wonder why I dislike the Internet.

DO ASK, DO TELL: IGN interviews Greg Rucka on his upcoming Batwoman run in Detective:

For her, the Bat doesn't mean Batman. For her, the Bat is like the flag. It's an emblem – like following the Stars and Stripes into battle.

But I'm most interested in J.H. Williams' art on this one:

I saw the colored pages from our fourth issue, and they're almost like night and day. He just gets better and better. And then we're going to hit our fifth issue, and you're going to say, "I thought JH Williams was doing this book? Where'd he go?" It's like there's a totally different artist on the book. It's just stunning.

And I think this has sold me on the Question co-feature:

Michael Siglain and I have been describing it as The Equalizer.  Renee is searching for answers, and sometimes the answers inform the questions she's asking. That's the hook. She always has her questions, but one of the things she's very actively doing is helping the people out there who can't get answers to theirs.

THE BRAVEST MAN IN BLOGTOWN: Chris Sims once again journeys into the frightening pages of Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter, and lives to tell the tale, if you call such a tortured existence "living." You're a better man than I am, Gunga Sims.

NEEDS MORE CHIN: Sweet zombie Jeebus:

REMAKE/REMODEL at Whitechapel this week is Gerry Carlyle, the mini-skirt wearin' intergalactic big game hunter. Here's my favorite, courtesy of "bryantpaul." In thanks, I send you to his website.

NOT COMICS DEPT: The AV Club's latest and greatest inventory is "Stupid Vs. Stupid: 27 ridiculous yet entertaining pop-culture fights (that didn’t take place in comic books)," though some superheroes do appear. The entry I'm most glad to see, however, isnot Boa vs. Python, as you might expect (champion of the Sci-Fi Original Picture dregs that it is), but rather the very last entry on the list, from one of my favoritest zombie movies (and I'm a bit of a zomboisseur), Zombi 2. God bless you, Lucio Fulci. (Now if only I could get my Boa vs. Python sequel, "Boa vs. Python 2: The Mongoosening," off the ground.)

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