Sunday Brunch: 5/24/09

After one week called off for gallivanting and one called off for illness, the brunch is back! Unfortunately, it seems we hit those summer doldrum days, when there isn't much breaking the internet in half. What can I scrounge up?

ITEMS! Grant Morrison interviews are always fun and interesting reads, and IGN Comics has a new one up about G-Mozz's upcoming Batman & Robin series. You may also have heard there's this documentary on Morrison in development. I am intrigued to see how that one plays out.

ITEMS! The Mindless Ones have put up a mindful podcast interview with Kevin O'Neill, of League of Extraordinary Gentlemen fame, as well as their meditative annocommentations on the second issue of the world's most anticipated comics sequel, Seaguy: Slaves of Mickey Eye.

ITEM! These Kevin Maguire Metal Men pages are gorgeous.

ITEM! Did I mention that Kevin Church has gone and formed a spin-off of his webcomic series, The Rack? Well, he has. It's about Lydia, and it starts here.

ITEM! Friend of CSBG Tim Callahan tells it like it is with his article entitled "Five Reasons Why Battle for the Cowl Is Terrible."

REMAKE/REMODEL DEPT: Since I've been on radio silence, there's been two awesome new R/R threads: The Octopus and Spider Queen. Check 'em out.

APPARENTLY THIS IS A THING NOW DEPT: The second episode of Tucker Stone's "Advanced Common Sense" is up. Your mileage may vary. While I usually enjoy his trenchant criticism and articles, as well as his occasional absurdity, the video stuff loses me. Maybe it's just because he has the same nerd disease I do: Look-Like-You're-Fourteen Syndrome. But if you want 250 ccs of snark, check it out.

YOUR TURN DEPT: That's about all I got for this week. What did YOU find out there on the comics internet that's worth a looksee?

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