Sunday Brunch: 4/26/09

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THRILLS! Preview of Darwyn Cooke's first Parker graphic novel! Woo!

CHILLS! Joe McCulloch, aka the illustrious Jog, almost maybe liked Frank Miller's the Spirit, kind of! So did sterling Mike Sterling! The world is upside down!!!!!:

Well here comes trouble, internet comic book-related movie column fans - I sort of liked Frank Miller'sWill Eisner's The Spirit! Kind of! I thought it was a good deal better than Watchmen, at least, which actually isn't saying a lot, in that I thought Watchmen was kind of crap, but it's still something!

Heck, Netflix is supposed to deliver it to me this week. Maybe I'll like it, too. Maybe I'll get a post out of it! Maybe not. My CPU screams.

SPILLS! In the latest Urban Legends comment thread, reader M Bloom shares a link to a mind-blowingly awesome Indian comic featuring Superman, Batman, and Spiderman (no hyphen) teaming up against an evil wizard, and stuff. It's new to me, so I figure it might be new to you. If you haven't read it, I hope this panel can convince you:

SHILLS! The Onion AV Club's Noel Murray is also not that jazzed about Flash: Rebirth, bringing the total amount of yawns up to "lots":

...the characters act like the past 25 years of one crossover-laden “crisis” after another is an elephant in the room that they have to address. Everyone’s constantly talking about who died and how they died and how they came back and what’s changed, to the point where I’m starting to wonder if D.C. puts out any super-hero comics anymore that aren’t directly pitched to continuity freaks.

SHOCK! Shockin' grife and zappin' nass! I'm a sucker for good lettering, and I'm a mark for any articles that look back at Amalgam Comics. Combine them, and I'm yours. Todd Klein takes a look at the logos for the various Amalgam books in a multi-part series. Here's part one. part two, and part three.

AWE! Awesome, that is. We may as well never make any comics ever again, because Chris Sims has topped them all with the conclusion of his webcomic epic, Solomon Stone! How would I describe it? Oh... something like this:

And hey, it even has a letters page! Hell yeah!

KHAAAAAAAAAANNNNNNNNNNNNN! Paul Pope, sex on pencils, crafts his own little Star Trek comic and you can read it right here. It seems to be a prequel for the upcoming movie, and it's mostly about Spock, but our favorite Space Montalban gets a mention.

JOHN, I'M ONLY DANCING DEPT: Phonogram: Singles Club #2 is way late, but it'll be out soon, and hey look, a preview:

I don't really "get" this series, but I know people like it.

MIS-SHAPES, MISTAKES, MISFITS DEPT: The Mindless One hit us up with a Heroic Hype that tackles the Martian Manhunter and re-evaluates the character for a cooler setting and stories. These entries always get me excited:

The usual depiction of J’onn’s powers is derivative of mainstream religious views of dualism, the notion that mind and body are different substances in a fraught relationship. A Martian’s body is like a magic wardrobe, the infinite shapes contained therein all available for the essential thing, the soul, to don and discard at will.

NOT COMICS DEPT: What have I been doing with my life lately? Besides the rampant debauchery? Playing the crap out of this game: Hero's Arms. It's like Zelda, but free and on the interweb. My brain hurts and my arms are tired. Woohoo!

And that's the end of the week. Seeya later.

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