Sunday Brunch: 3/29/09

Welcome to a possibly new feature I'm calling "Sunday Brunch," for lack of a better title. Apparently, "Stuff I Done Did Find on Them Internets" is too unwieldy of a moniker. I blame the CSBG marketing department, which, I should admit, does not actually exist, as far as I know. But then, Overlord Cronin doesn't converse with the peons, so how am I to find these things out, eh?

"Stuff I Done Did Find on Them Internets," however, is an accurate description of what you can expect to find in this feature, should the Nielsen families accept it into their homes-- or my attention span holds out. We here at Comics Should Be Good tend to stay away from the linkblogging thing, though we've flirted with the idea in the past like a cheeky, boy-ish Hugh Grant type who can't help but charmingly stumble over his own words. But now the time has come to man up, straighten that bow tie, and slap that filly on the rear. And then accept the consequences.

Which is to say: Here is some cool stuff I done did find on them internets.

ITEM! Steve Horton has begun a month-to-month sales analysis of indie comics at the Beat, to go along with the Marvel and DC ones by Paul O'Brien and Marc-Oliver Frisch. Some critics vow that the numbers are all wildly inaccurate thanks to the serpentine ways of the comics sales market, but since when has that stopped fans from speculating and doomsaying?

ITEM! This week's Remake/Remodel thread at Warren Ellis' Whitechapel forum features Moris Klaw, sleeping psychic disheveled pulp detective! Strange how several of the entries resemble Alan Moore, eh? Then again, maybe it's not so strange...

ITEM! In other redesign news on the web, Project Rooftop revealed the winner(s) of their Batman 2.0 contest. Here's fellow CSBG contributor and Rooftop judge Dean Trippe's ineligible entry:

ITEM! Ol' MGK at Mightygodking profiles the world's greatest super-villain team... the Forgotten Villains. For those keeping score at home, they are 86% Rex the Wonder Dog. I have never seen anything made of so much "win" and so much "fail" at the same time. Magnificent! I want to bring these guys back. And Kevin Maguire has to draw it.

ITEM! Blog@Newsarama points us to this entry on Greg Rucka's Livejournal in which he reveals Cully Hamner's new designs for the Renee Montoya co-feature soon to debut in Detective Comics. I must say, it's quite an Elizabeth-Peña-in-Rush-Hour look. Only, you know, without a face. I quite like it. And yes, this means that, come June, you will get two lesbian detectives for the price of one issue of New Avengers.

ITEM! Paul Cornell shares fan suggestions for new, Stan-Lee-esque nicknames for current Marvel creators on his blog. I quite like "'Action' Matt Fraction" and "Andy 'Lunar' Lanning" myself.

ITEM! Over at the Mindless Ones, the Beast Must Die delves into the world of post-Fourth-World Jack Kirby greatness. First up? The Demon. I still say 70s Kirby is the best Kirby.

ITEM! Modern Fabulosity reviews a pre-production preview of the upcoming Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark musical, coming in 2010 to Broadway. As we know, it's directed by Julie Taymor, who helmed Across the Universe, one of my favorite films of this decade, and it's got music by Bono, so it should be fun. But now we know that it will be absolutely awesome, because Ms. Taymor has revealed some of the villains that will appear. And who's on that list? Oh yes. It's Swarm. Rock on! (Oh, and there's a new lady baddie named "Swiss Miss." We'll see how that one turns out.)

ITEM! Are you a Hollywood screenwriter? Are you willing to sign away your human soul and your firstborn son? If so, Marvel's hiring, according to Variety. Frankly, they can have all my future children if it means I get to script a Devil Dinosaur or Brother Voodoo picture.

ITEM! Here's an article about a college student who fences and also draws comics. I took fencing lessons in college-- and I was terrible, but still, I fenced-- and I like comics! So this was right up my alley.

ITEM! Covered-- the blog whereby cool artists do cover versions of their favorite comics covers-- remains one of the coolest things on the internets. The following images are courtesy of the site:

ITEM! You've probably seen this, because you read our sister blog Robot 6, right? Anyway, someone's gone and discovered the "lost" third issue of Alan Moore and Bill Sienkiewicz and Al Columbia's Big Numbers, the magnum opus that never was, and has decided to share it with the good people of the internet. Hey-- not too late to finish the series, amirite? No? Dang.

ITEM! This is not a link, nor does it have anything to do with comics, but it's my column, dammit, so: Joss Whedon's Dollhouse had a bit of a rocky start, but it seems to be improving in quality every week and expanding its narrative scope bit-by-bit. Anybody still watching? Whaddya think?

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