Sunday Brunch: 3/28/10

Lo, it is Palm Sunday, the day Jesus invented the high five, and miracle of miracles, it's an actual brunch-sized Sunday Brunch post! Links, news, musings, theory, and images below the fold.

R.I.P. Comics legend Dick Giordano has passed away:

"Few could ever hope to match what he accomplished in his chosen profession, or to excel while maintaining great humor, compassion for his peers and an unwavering love for the art form," said Giordano's friend and longtime creative partner Bob Layton. "His unique vision changed the comic industry forever and all of those who work in the business continue to share in the benefits of his sizable contributions. I have been honored to call him a business partner, mentor and dear friend throughout the majority of my lifetime. We will not see his like again."

BRAVE & THE BOLD DEPT: Who caught "The Super-Batman of Planet X" this past Friday? It may just be my favorite episode of the show yet:

Kevin Conroy returns to the fold as the Batman of Zurr En Arrh, joined by Clancy Brown and Dana Delany as his planet's respective Luthor and Lois Lane counterparts. Our Batman, imbued with super-powers on this alien planet, begins a stupendous war against crime, leaving Zurr En Arrh Batman in the dust. Eventually, Batman loses his powers, but regains sight of who he is. It's a simple enough tale, loaded with brilliant details by writer Adam Beechen and the team of animators-- visual and aural callbacks to the original Silver Age story as well as the Conroy-led Batman animated series, particularly. This episode has great action and some wonderfully cheeky gags, as well as Batman-of-Earth saying "hoisted on my own petard." Definitely worth tracking down and watching if you missed it.

ITEM! The trailer for the Scott Pilgrim movie is out, and it is absolutely glorious. I am very very excited for this, and I've never even read the comic-- but it's a new Edgar Wright movie, and that is all I need to know. I tried to embed it in this post, but I've been attempting that for fifteen minutes, and WordPress just ain't having it, so I'm going to link you to the trailer instead. Go, watch. I'll wait.

AXE COP DEPT: To fulfill your awesome quotient for the week, here's a bit of Axe Cop, Simon Pegg's new favorite webcomic! More at the link:

ITEM! And speaking of aquatic adventurers, Rob! of the Aquaman Shrine has shared all the cool bits from that Brave and the Bold issue I talked about last week. Those splash pages are gorgeous.

ITEM! Grame McMillan has been critiquing up a storm over at the Savage Critics this week. Check it.

ITEM! Friend of CSBG John Seavey writes aboot reboots over at MGK, revealing their true nostalgic bent:

Except that by definition, it doesn’t work. Far from being the new beginning that it’s intended to be, I would suggest that by definition, a comic book reboot is inherently nostalgic…and that in fact, reboots delay any kind of “fresh and original” stories for several years.

...And where does the writer go for inspiration on every single one of these stories? They look back. They go back to the original story the character was introduced in, and they retell it. Sure, they add their own inventive spin on it. They retell it in a way tht makes sense to modern audiences, and that resonates with our time and our culture. But they retell it, nonetheless. And until they’re done retelling old stories, they can’t tell new ones.

ITEM! Adam Koford draws Jack Kirby:

ITEM! Jog, the critic's critic, discusses a dying piece of comics grammar, the thought balloon:

Plus, thought balloons simply aren’t as versatile: you can’t stretch them out over the course of a story, they offer less opportunity for word-image consonance/dissonance—they simply don’t seem as ‘literary,’ in that they don’t allegorize a descriptive passage of prose giving way to dialogue, and thereby can be dubbed unsophisticated. I don’t agree, and neither does comics-at-large, even a few of the shared-universe superheroes, carrying their extra burden of functioning as a flickering window into some simulacrum of a parallel reality—it may just be a sharp object with which to assert one’s comic-bookiness, but Oliver Queen could at any moment encounter a child-murdering villain that needs putting down post-haste, and it’s preferable to have every arrow in the quiver.

ITEM! Continuing this line of thought (sans balloons), Jeet Heer talks about the art of the word balloon.

ITEM! Since the marriage issues of Archie sold about 6000% more than a regular ol' issue of Archie, the company will spin off two new ongoings: Archie Loves Veronica, and Archie Loves Betty. The kicker? According to Norm Breyfogle's website, he will be drawing both! Never before have I been so tempted to buy Archie comics. (And if we're going to be assigning awesome Batman artists to Archie books, then I'd like to put my vote in for Kelley Jones' Archie Loves Chachi.)

ITEM! Ron Marz and Cully Hamner share a clever old pitch for Hourman over at the 'Rama blog.

CHINESE WHISPERS UCHRONAL COVER REMAKE/REMODEL: That's a mouthful. The last of the cover redesigns, the one Warren Ellis chose to confuse, bemuse, and stupefy this week's challengers? Young Romance, the first romance comic, originally created by Simon and Kirby. I declare the winners of this week's thread to be Chris Thornley (again) and Vicky Van:

NOT COMICS DEPT: The new season of Doctor Who starts this Saturday in the United Kingdom, and I am getting giddier and giddier with excitement each passing day. Via Rich Johnston, here's the latest, greatest trailer for the upcoming thirteen episodes:

...okay, like I said, WordPress hates me so much it won't let me embed video (I have no idea how Archduke Cronin does it). So off you go to the link over to Bleeding Cool. There's more there, including a short clip from the upcoming "Vampires in Venice" episode. I'm trying to be skeptical about the new, David-Tennant-less Who, but that trailer turns me into a puddle every time I watch it. Which has been a lot of times. Finally, a hero and role model for those of us with plus-sized-craniums!

It looks like the Sunday Brunch feature has returned, at least for the foreseeable future. I suspect short reviews of Brave & the Bold and Doctor Who will be folded into these posts, as well. Perhaps even the Question of the Week shall make a comeback! Be very afraid.

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