Sunday Brunch: 10/18/09

The last two weeks have felt like two years, and it looks like the comics internet is going through a dry spell. Let's throw some pity lovin' at it this week and hope it picks up its game in the future, shall we?

QUESTION OF THE WEEK: What was the best last issue you ever read? Last, as in, final. As in, there were no more to follow. As in, the opposite of first.

JIVE TURKEY ALERT: I would write this in the style of all those awesome blaxploitation trailer voiceovers, but I am so, so white that we would all be embarrassed. Anyway: Afrodisiac trailer! Buy it in December, honky!

THE VAULT'S Seven Q's this week are with Alex Robinson, illustrauthor of Box Office Poison.

ITEM! Plok on Klock. (Seuss wishes he thought of that one.)

ITEM! Brad Curran shrine devotee Chris Sims gives us the best excuse for Facebook to exist, with his Superhero Facebook Status Updates over at ComicsAlliance. Sure, everyone's linked to this already, but my links are better:

ITEM! The God of All Comics (or Grant Morrison to all the unbelievers out there) is at it again with Sean Murphy in the upcoming Joe the Barbarian mini-series Vertigo's Graphic Content blog has gifted us with some pages from the first issue, as well as this cover:

ITEM! Remember Neill Cameron, of the A-Z of Awesomeness? Well, now he's producing Hashtag Funnies, one-page cartoons spun off of the leading Twitter topics of the day. For instance:

REMAKE/REMODEL last week was the Sorceress of Zoom! I was quite taken with Pia Guerra's entry (yes, that Pia Guerra):

Andrew Nixon's was pretty rootin'-tootin' too. If that is still an adjective we use in the parlance of our times:

REMAKE/REMODEL this week is Alan Moore's favorite sock puppet snake god, Glycon! My favorites so far are from "twentythoughts":

And let's not forget John "lx" Worsley's:

Felipe Sobreiro's is the gorgeousest, though:

NOT COMICS DEPT: I quite enjoyed Maureen Ryan's essay/interview about my favorite currently-running TV show, Dollhouse, and why it's worth watching. Dollhouse is the most fiercely intellectual, uncompromising (and yet heavily compromised) TV show on the air. So watch it and stuff. I don't care what Hatcher tells you.

EXCLUSIVE: Firefly One-Shot Introduces Mal's Mother, Ma Reynolds

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