"Summer of Valiant" Wraps With "Archer & Armstrong"

Valiant Entertainment has revealed the last of four images for its "Summer of Valiant" teasers announcing the relaunch of "Archer & Armstrong." With the accompanying text "This August, B.C. meets A.D.D," "Archer & Armstrong" #1 follows the release of "Bloodshot" #1 in July, "Harbinger" #1 in June and "X-O Manowar" #1 in May. No creative team or further solicitation information was provided. The news follows a barrage of Valiant announcements including a Pullbox Variant program, the first-ever "talking" comic book cover and Sony Pictures' acquisition of the rights to a "Bloodshot" film.

The original "Archer & Armstrong" written by Barry Windsor-Smith focused on the unlikely partnership between Archer, a boy with incredible reflexes and combat skill, and Armstrong, a bulky immortal with a penchant for alcohol. The duo eventually found an enemy in The Sect, a secret society who believed Armstrong was the embodiment of Satan and chased the partners across the globe.

"I think there was a reason why Valiant had such a tremendous impact in the industry, initially," Valiant Executive Editor Warren Simons told CBR in January. "I think the characters they have really are exceptional. When I was thinking of coming onboard the company, the first thing that I did was research the IP. The thing that I found, time and time again, whether it was X-O or Harbinger or Bloodshot, the core concepts driving the characters really are fantastic. When you have that, you have the foundation for a really incredible universe. The thing about Valiant is that it's not just about a single comic; it's about the tapestry of the larger universe and how these characters play a role in it."

Check out the teaser image below and stay tuned for more on Valiant Entertainment's "Summer of Valiant."

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