Suit up for 'Civil War' with Hasbro's 'Captain America' toys

By the time the new Captain America movie arrives in theaters in May,  pint-sized superheroes will be able to stage their own Civil War in the backyard with this upcoming merchandise from Hasbro.

Unveiled by Yahoo! ahead of next month's Toy Fair in New York City, the toys will allow kids to gear up for the fight between Captain America and Iron Man: There's a Captain America Blaster Reveal Shield, which fires Nerf darts (that's probably not in the movie); Iron Man Slide Blast Armor, which also fires Nerf darts; the Iron Man Tech FX Mask, which boasts sound effects; and a Captain America Scope Vision Helmet, with targeting scope and missile launcher.

There's also the line of battery-powered Titan Hero Tech Electronic Figures, featuring Captain America, Iron Man, Falcon and War Machine.

Priced at about $20 each, Civil War tie-ins will arrive in March, allowing kids (and probably a few adults) plenty of time to choose sides.

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