Suiciders: Kings of HelL.A. #1

Story by
Art by
Alessandro Vitti
Cover by


A whole generation has grown up since the Great Quake, and people like Trix and her brother Johnny don't know what life was like before New Angeles crumbled. Suffice to say, they've learned how to make the most of living inside the walled city, and particularly within their 'hood. Johnny is the leader of the Kings of HelL.A., a street gang ready to protect its turf against any and all comers-though Johnny may have taken things too far when he crossed Leonard, a former Suicider known as the Coyote. Things are about to get a whole lot more violent.

Meanwhile, Trix is finding love in the arms of Johnny's best friend, and their star-crossed romance is going to bring trouble of an entirely different kind.

The second chapter in Lee Bermejo's acclaimed SUICIDERS series shows us a completely different side of life in New Angeles. Joining Bermejo for KINGS OF HELL.A. is artist Alessandro Vitti (RED LANTERNS), whose kinetic style perfectly fits SUICIDERS' brutal landscape.

Note from the Editor:

Continuing Lee Bermejo's brutal vision of the future, SUICIDERS: KINGS OF HELL.A. steps away from the big money and high stakes of the gladiatorial arena to look at the life on the streets of New Angeles following the Big Quake. Life is difficult, and opportunities are rare. The kids who have grown up in New Angeles post-disaster find themselves having to protect their home turf. Not just from rival gangs, but also to stave off the Mulholland Corp, who are trying to take over the land and rebuild it in their own corporate image.

At the center of this are the Kings of HelL.A., a street gang led by Johnny, a tough guy with a taste for violence and adrenalin. To stand his ground, Johnny needs weapons, and what better symbol for the struggle than a champion Suicider's sword? Leonard McCarthy is an o.g. Suicider who fought under the guise of El Coyote. Unfortunately, Leonard failed to hold on to his title, his family, and his money, and now the wash-out is running a pawn shop where he keeps the memorabilia of his past glory on display.

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