"Suicide Squad's" Jared Leto Posts Crazy Joker Selfie

Jared Leto's unique style of method acting as the Joker on the set of "Suicide Squad" has already become the stuff of extremely weird legend ahead of the film's August release. Now, Leto has taken to Instagram to post an appropriately manic, blurry in-costume selfie.


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As for the photo's caption? Yep, that's emoji. Is there anything that can be gleaned from this Unicode cypher of "snake, cactus, battery, heart, asterisk?" Perhaps, but it's more likely that Leto is just once again channeling his inner Joker.

Leto garnered criticism months ago when some of his on-set "Suicide Squad" antics bubbled to the surface. Leto copped to christening filming by gifting the entire cast a communal dead pig and, later, mailing Harley Quinn co-star Margot Robbie a love letter accompanied by a live rat. Viola Davis, who gives the Squad their marching orders in the film as Amanda Waller, received a box of bullets from Leto and admitted to wanting to pepper spray him.

These seemingly random acts by Leto were all part of his commitment to his role as the clown prince of crime in "Suicide Squad," based on the DC Comics of the same name in which villains are unleashed to perform clandestine operations for the United States government.

"Suicide Squad" hits theaters August 5, 2016.

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